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Support the Strike, Local Edition

By Kimberley Jones, January 7, 2008, 5:08pm, Picture in Picture

As part of the ongoing Utter Reading Series, local acting dynamo Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (you'll recognize her as Tyra's mom from Friday Night Lights) will be directing her Austin School of Film Advanced Acting students Tuesday night as they perform from local scripts once in development that had to hit the brakes when that pesky writers' strike hit. It's a swell lineup, one this Michener Center alum knows well – UT professors Alex Smith (The Slaughter Rule) and Stephen Harrigan (King of Texas) and recent Michener Center grads (and personal drinking buddies), writing team Lee Shipman and Diego McGreevy. The show – called Film Writers Strike Again! – starts at 7pm, Jan. 8, at BookPeople. Get out and support the cause of good writing.

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