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Age Correlation Found in Marriage Study
Study finds Gay Divide on Age Marriage: Two political scientists analyzing two decades' worth of data found that gay people are twice as likely to support marriage between two people born before 1940 … Wait … That ain't right.

Read the article in the Guardian Unlimited to set things … straight.

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Gee Pee at da Ess Exxx
It's like Where's Waldo, but this time it's two dykes, one sporting government-issue black-rimmed specs, the other, a floppy rat tail tipped in blond. Find us. Tap us on the shoulder, shake a hand, buy a drink (or three), and toast to all the good times to be had. We're here. We're queer. We're going to a festival.

At least that's the plan. Things change. Lines suck, showcases shock and surprise. Boy, will those pedi-cabs make a killing, back and forth, all around Downtown we go. Here's the dish, where we think we're going, which acts tickle our fancy … and other parts.

Here's where one of us (and maybe the other of us) might just be for the Music Festival part. Come join the fun.

Click below to get to the sched.

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Masters of Our Domain!
Oh, sweet chickeebabies, don't you wish you were me, getting to wander around the new Neiman Marcus at the brand-spangly, well-designed new enclave for your (hell, not my) disposable income, The Domain?!

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Shake Yr Bloggy Down to the Ground
What ho, faithful G.P.ers, or "Gay Placers," or "Gee-Pee'ers," whichever you prefer. 'Tis us … We. Kate & K8. Your faithful Gay Place servants here live. On the IntarTubes. One luv. For your plizzle. We are launching this thing (Das Gay Place Blog) for SXSW because the per-queer capital skyrockets in Austin this time of year, and we hear tell that our li'l column in the back of The Austin Chronicle actually gets used. We gots bank, baby. Huh.

What a week to launch. Whew. This week will be (ph)fatter than a big fat happy tick as we wallow in all sorts of scene (seen) reports, interviews with outta-towners, reviews of happenings, personality pokings, gossip, eye on design, etc. And please, feel free to send us your naughty gossipy bits. Ooh, yes.

So, hit that upload button, RSS us, or whatever gets us to ya faster and get ready to comment.

We are going for a ride.

5:00PM Thu. Mar. 8, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

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