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Mickey to Donald: Girrrrrrl, It's On!
Knight in shining Disney has slain its own homo-unfriendly dragon. The company will now allow same-sex couples the same privileges it affords straights -- to be married at its theme parks.

We'd add to the inevitable chorus of gay blogs with our own, snarky "Tacky see as tacky do," were this not exactly the sort of riduckculous thing we might do on a lark.

The turnabout came a surprise ... almost as much as the original news (broken in March 2007 by Michael Jensen at AfterElton.com) about the company's previous unmagical policy. After all, Disney has taken it on the chin (...) for equality and fair play regarding their domestic-partner benefits and other progressive policies.

Perhaps the house of the mouse will take on a Vegas-like nuptial notoriety during the attractions' (unofficial) Gay Days, with homo after homo jumping the bedknob and broomstick, as it were, putting the fairy back in their fairytale connubials.

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A Modest ProCHOsal
Have you ever had baby on the brain? This is usually not a good thing, as most organisms with ovaries can attest, because the mind can plant seeds as effectively as any sperm-bearing organism can, and I have already done my part in the baby bearing department, but I digress -- which does not change the fact that I have had baby on the brain. Specifically lesbian baby.

Early this morning I had a vision. Veep daughter Mary CHeney and life partner Heather POe should name their baby (due next month) "Cho."

This vision miraculously reappeared in my mind's eye when I opened my e-mail to find that the very excellent Jennifer Chrisler from Family Pride ("national nonprofit organization committed to securing family equality for" GLBT, etc.) had released this statement.

Dick needs to get on the stick and represent. Dick.

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Nut'n but a Queer Thang, Baby.
I know I'm not the only queer kid who likes hip-hop. I know I'm not the only queer kid in town who likes it when girls (and sweet fellas, too) shake what they mama gave them and such, bouncin' that thing (or things) all enthusiasticlike to the kind of bass that gets you feeling, um, dirty. Or something.

So, this is the event that will cap off Austin Relay Pride, the queered-off section of the Texas Relays, which, this weekend, will completely transform the landscape of Austin to just a shade sassier, with a soundtrack of muff(ler)-rattling bass lines and zippy race cats to give a whole new meaning to Live. Music. Capital.

Homo Hip-Hop is coming. Homo Hop. It's HomoRevofuckenlution, bitches. And I'll be there, for a long lineup of queer kids who do what they do to who they do in the bedroom, yeah, yeah, whatever, (Johnny Dangerous is even bound to brag about it, but hey, look at that tongue) but what's more important is what these kids do on the stage. This shit is for real. If you don't know their names when you walk in, you will remember when you're leaving, grinning, sweatier than when you came.

You will shake what your mother hath given unto you. And your backside.

Saturday, April 7, starts at 7:30pm, Wyndham Garden Hotel (part of the Austin Relay Party Train), 3401 South I-35, $10.

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Kay Longcope Is Missed
Kay Longcope, journalist and publisher of the Texas Triangle, passed away last week. Forgive us for not reporting this sooner.

Most of the notices we've read online honoring Kay's life seem to have come through this Statesman article by Miguel Liscano.

Kay Longcope
Nov. 19, 1937-March 29, 2007
Newspaper publisher gave voice to gay community
and M.J.L. Kellogg posted this tribute in Metroblogging Austin.

Kay's dedication to journalism and her love for the Texas gay and lesbian community fueled the Triangle, a rock-steady forum for some hard-won progress. The Triangle's coverage galvanized and validated movements, especially during those heady early Nineties. Kay's work touched many.

She is survived by partner (business and life) of 17 years, Barbara Wohlgemuth.

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Perhaps He Didn't See That Video About the Policeman and the Priest
This just in from Reuters:

Bishop Under Police Guard After Gay Comment

Yeah, because you know how violent those crazy queers get, riots and everything. Thug life! Okay, you got me on Stonewall (but Judy Garland died, fer chrissakes).

"ROME: The head of Italy's bishops conference was under police guard after someone spray painted 'shame' on the doors of his cathedral over his comparison of gay rights to incest and pedophilia.

"A police spokeswoman said Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco was being accompanied by an escort after graffiti reading 'Shame on You Bagnasco' appeared at the San Lorenzo Cathedral in the northern city of Genoa on Monday."

Holy cats. "Shame on you"?? Next those militant homos will be chalking the sidewalk asking him where he got that fabulous robe. Somebody call out the OVRA!

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Ow, My Eye: Girls Gone Wild at Dinah Shore
Who knew (other than the hundreds of thousands who have attended over the last 17 years) that the Dinah Shore, the annual Palm Springs lesbian blowout that happened this past weekend was so ... so ... Girls Gone Wild?

(See first video below...)

And, please, do not read that as a prudish comment. I mean that in a "Watch out! White girls dancing!" way. Really. This clip, a mere snippet of an actual DVD (imagined target audience: "Look, there's Pam and she's grinding!!!"), makes me think the event might be better served in Alaska as a sidebar to the Iditarod. (Think: Parkas -- and how much better that dancing would look under them.)

Now to cleanse, we present an altogether different Dinah Shore. Dinah Shore herself with Iggy Pop. (She calls him "Jimmy" -- "James" is his given name -- and is so freaking cute and maternal that I just want to hug them both.)

"They call him Mr. Pop."

And yes, that is Mr. David Bowie on keys and (sometimes Austinite) Mr. Hunt Sales on drums. And of course, who (who lived through it the first time) could forget Bowie's own appearances on the gracious Southern Belle's shows?

Bowie's time with Dinah is formative TV time for me. I clearly remember watching one of these interviews one afternoon in the mid-Seventies with one of my best buds and her mom and getting into a rather forward-thinking discussion about bisexuality -- forward-thinking for the time and considering two of us were teens. (Not that it matters, but in hindsight, I think the discussion foreshadowed a bit about all three of us to some degree.)

I'd forgotten about this Lisa Robinson piece about the Bowie/Dinah taping in Hit Parader magazine; it provides an interesting view from that era (from the second paragraph until about the 23rd).

I adore Dinah, the late great star. The annual lesbotron fete is named for her because of its proximity to a golf tourney which also bears her name. A lot of dykes don't know who she is/was, despite the fact that one of the largest lesbian weekends is named for her. I nominate these clips as another darned good reason (that Iggy & Davey are fabulous dancers, notwithstanding).

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Bishop = Pot. Teh Gay = Kettle?
Is it just me? Is it just late? Or is it indeed a bittersweet irony to savor as another one of those wacky Italian bishops steps in it?

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Why Do Most Queer Flicks Suck?
I rented a movie last night and, purely for sociological reasons, braved the stereotypical walk to the queer section of I Luv Video. Don't know what it is, but I always feel cheesy. Maybe it was because I was about to pick up Eating Out without reading the back. Really, just a dart 'n' grab, perhaps due to my embarrassment at the title – only because I hadn't yet seen the content.

Five minutes into it, we debated throwing it out. It was bad. Very, very bad. Poor acting. Ridiculous plot: Boy pretends to like boys to get girl. Girl has phone sex with boy while girl's best friend (a boy) partakes in a little fellatio. And that's not even when the shit gets dumb.

Would that we turned our lezzie movie night into what could have been a very successful drinking game: One swig for every time they tried to be clever (key word here: tried) with some cliche, metaphor, or simile. Really, you'd be hammered by the second sex scene.

Maybe then it would actually be tolerable.

Memorable Lines:
* Referring to a gay man as "Blowmeo." (This one I actually might use.)
* "I couldn't be more positive if I were raped and tossed into the Dumpster at the dirty needle exchange." (Everyone loves AIDS jokes.)
* "Guys around here are like day-old doughnuts. I eat them because they're there, but I don't want to invest anything in them."
* "You know how chicks get naked in front of puppies? We're just puppies with dicks."
* "Look, let's get a Sofia Coppola things straight here. Being gay is more than listening to good music and eating low-fat foods."

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This Week's Crush: Rachel & Keith
Okay, the chemistry between MSNBC Countdowner Keith Olbermann and Air America's Rachel Maddow is so cheek-pinchingly cute that I forget for a moment that she is a hot, steaming cup of very out lesbian, and that he's ... well, he's Keith.

It's been refreshing to see the Air Am phenom pop up as a regular guest commentator on so many mainstream outlets (Paula Zahn Now, CNN, Good Morning America, Olbermann). The hair may be a little longer, the clothes a little more professional and a little less North Hampton casual, but her TV stints are no gloss-over from her clearly left and confidently out radio show. And much like her radio patter, she lays out at least one good LOL per topic.

Recently on Countdown, on Coulter: "I'm of two minds about even talking about her, because I know that Ann Coulter needs publicity like a tapeworm needs a large intestine."

Tonight on Countdown, on Fox's possible involvement in a Dem candidate debate: "They'd be better off having the candidates debate in mime."

This week's Gay Place crush: Rachel Maddow & Keith Olbermann.

11:44PM Fri. Mar. 30, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

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