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Homo Tablin' at the UT Queer Conference
UPDATE: Join Us This Morning at the LBJ School
There is still time to register.

It's not too late to be a part of this weekend's slew of homo-curricular activities at QTC 2007. History making and such. For the first year ever, UT's Queer Texas Conference is alive.

And we – yes, Kate & K8 – will be there to learn, grow, and evolve right alongside the rest of ya's.

Just check out the array of workshops, etc., available to the baby queerling abreast in the journey to sheer happiness in homo-dom: The Drag King Workshop, Sex and Gender Outlaw Survival Tips, Queering the Stripper, Trans 101, Spirituality and Sexuality, and even an LGBTQ Professionals Panel. Get up early enough on Saturday; you'll see a Kate or two (as in: us) talking about some queer media junk. We've got Chrondoms, and we're not afraid to use 'em. (Speaking of Kates: Kate Bornstein, political gender outlaw, activist, and author, will speak out as keynote.)

Feast your gaydars on this. Ask about their sliding scale. Oh, and register: 232-1831.

8:00AM Sat. Apr. 14, 2007, Kate Getty Read More | Comment »

'Shortbus' Is Special
John Cameron Mitchell is a genius. Genius. He is. First, Hedwig, a musical worth screaming along to. Now, Shortbus, a spunky little film exploring the frankness of sexuality, the human nature, and alternative explorations of relationships. To quote Justin Bond, headmistress of the movie's sex salon: "It's just like the Sixties … only with less hope."

Free love. Seeking orgasms. Understanding yourself. Finding what makes you tick, what makes you come, and what makes it worth all the damn pain. Life. Suffering. And a room full of flesh mounting flesh, bodies pulsating, rocking, living, loving, panting, breathing. Fucking.

This movie is the realest thing I've seen all day.

8:16PM Thu. Apr. 12, 2007, Kate Getty Read More | Comment »

Wayne Coyne Gets All Homo-SXSW-aul, and Apparently
Gay Is the New Fun-nay
The lead singer of the Flaming Lips was in Austin for South by Southwest and made some silly clippage as part of the "Let's Hip up Leno" segment on The Tonight Show. As we said, "gay" is apparently the new "funny," as each of the interviewees is sooooo verrryy not straight. Ish.

First there's EdMo from Hug, showing his tits. (Truth be told, the main reason for this blog entry is to pimp the most excellent EdMo and Hug.) He's so dreamy and so unqueeny. All man. All glam. And fabulous tits, brother.

Then Coyne tells two guys from some band named Glacier Hiking that they'd get more attention if they'd "have sex with each other in the middle of the street."

Then there's the cactus Coyne mistakes for a pickle. (Wayne: Sometimes a cactus is just a cactus.) Anti-product's lead dude suggestively nuzzling into the face of a hapless male bystander (who seemingly enjoys it), and the big finish complete with thong and ass cheek, courtesy of Austin homeless transvestite Leslie.

When did The Tonight Show, let alone Coyne, get so kah-weeeer? Or is this just more of that Snickers commercial hynuck hynuck straight panic that's been flirting with the mainstream of late?

Hmmmm. Gay is the new funny. Wish someone had told us. We were really getting good at the whole "strident, humorless lesbian" thing.

11:35AM Thu. Apr. 12, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

Exxing the Exes
This month's Glamour (did I just "out" myself in some weird way? I swear, I only read it for the articles) features a piece about a woman recovering from a Christian gay recovery center. Ex-ex-gay recoverer Christine Bakke, 27, shares her story.

OK, first off, at 27, let's not be surprised if Madame XX doesn't go through a few more twists and turns on this religious roller-coaster ride. They probably never warned her about those pesky Saturn returns in Bible school.

The piece describes the ex-gay Xtian recovery center as being "located in a gorgeous, dramatic Gothic townhouse, with gargoyles on the roof and stunning interior woodwork … [did a gay man write this? And how are they expecting to cure her in a place patrolled by gargoyles?] … that Christine came to know intimately — as part of her volunteering in the ministry, she polished the old wooden banisters." Is it just me, or does that visual suggest some serious overcompensation?

Christine relates to what struggling Christian poster boy the Rev. Ted Haggard has been going through: "Part of me feels really sorry for him. He has no choices. He has to go along with all their stuff, or he loses everything. Even though I’ve never been publicly shamed, I know how vicious some Christian people can be."

Ooh, girl. You think the grass is pinker over here?

9:27PM Wed. Apr. 11, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

'Out' Goes Way Out
Well it's nice to see that after years of dropping the ball, Out's balls have finally dropped (and they're almost as, well, ample as when Sarah Pettit was editor).

Perhaps they'd like to Google Map a li'l pink icon right here in Austin for their next closet cleaning?

Top shelf blog the Gideonse Bible posts this great think piece, putting into perspective the rise and drop and promise of this queer mass medium.

2:51PM Wed. Apr. 11, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

Chronic Covers Gale
Perennial Austin political candidate and transgender warrior Jennifer Gale moved on up to Dallas, so we were surprised/happy to see this Gale update over on our sister blog (errr, em, brother blog?) Chronic.

2:02PM Wed. Apr. 11, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

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It's a Planet!!! And It's Full of UNICORNS!!!!!

"I don't like dat color!"
"Your nose looks like a cat!"

That unicorn Feathers reminds me of my friend Heyd.

Unicorns, represent!

11:30PM Tue. Apr. 10, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

Revolution Ain't Gonna Revolve Overnight
Is the world ready for homo-hip-hop or the HomoRevolution as it was called last rainy Saturday night? The crowd was small, intimate, lined nervously in hotel ballroom chairs, unsure what they were about to endure.

The performers (some from close by, others from as far away as the UK) were hitting their 10th day on tour, and you could tell. Rode hard, put away homo; about 12 queer rappers vanning it through the Southwest on this country's first ever homo-rap tour. Hey, Papi, are we there yet?

5:47PM Tue. Apr. 10, 2007, Kate Getty Read More | Comment »

Mickey to Donald: Girrrrrrl, It's On!
Knight in shining Disney has slain its own homo-unfriendly dragon. The company will now allow same-sex couples the same privileges it affords straights -- to be married at its theme parks.

We'd add to the inevitable chorus of gay blogs with our own, snarky "Tacky see as tacky do," were this not exactly the sort of riduckculous thing we might do on a lark.

The turnabout came a surprise ... almost as much as the original news (broken in March 2007 by Michael Jensen at AfterElton.com) about the company's previous unmagical policy. After all, Disney has taken it on the chin (...) for equality and fair play regarding their domestic-partner benefits and other progressive policies.

Perhaps the house of the mouse will take on a Vegas-like nuptial notoriety during the attractions' (unofficial) Gay Days, with homo after homo jumping the bedknob and broomstick, as it were, putting the fairy back in their fairytale connubials.

8:23PM Fri. Apr. 6, 2007, Kate X Messer Read More | Comment »

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