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Pride Entertainment by the Hour

By Blake McCoy, August 24, 2015, 10:15am, Qmmunity

Three days in and Austin PRIDE is off to a great start. If you didn't Werk it with Bianca Del Rio and Margaret Cho at the fashion show, or hang with Bobby Cook and Chris Topher Hattersley at the Big Gay PRIDE Brunch, then don't miss out on this awesome line-up for for the festival.

This year, Austin Pride Festival's daytime entertainment line-up is spread out across two main stages, Saturday, August 29. Here are the specific times and spot for each act.


11:20-11:30am Grackle & Cupcake Announcements/Greeting

11:30am-12:45pm Susan Arbuckle Band

12:45-12:50pm Grackle & Cupcake Duet

12:50-1:10pm Nicky Click

1:10-1:15pm Daniel Brice

1:15-1:20pm Nadine Hughes

1:20-1:25pm Rachel Mykels

1:25-2:00pm Martha Wash

2:00-2:05pm TS Madison & Kelly Kline emcee

2:05-2:15pm TS Madison

2:15-3:00pm Zebra Katz

3:00-3:05pm Ruby Lamb

3:05-3:10pm Tasha Kohl 1

3:10-3:15pm Avalisa Davenport

3:15-4:00pm Brooke Candy

4:00-4:05pm Althea Trix

4:05-4:10pm Sabra JohnSin Burlesque

4:15-4:20pm Tencha La Jefa

4:20-4:25pm Tasha Kohl 2

4:25-4:30pm Sabra JohnSin Burlesque

4:30-5:00pm Exposé

5:00-5:05pm Morgan McMichaels

5:05-5:10pm Kelly Kline

5:10-5:15pm Candis Cayne

5:15-6:30pm Peaches


11:30am-12:45pm DJ Divorceé

12:45-2:00pm Mouthfeel

Hosted by Kai Lee Mykels

2:00-2:10pm Kai Lee Mykels

2:10-3:00pm Austin Babtist Women

3:00-3:10pm Kai Lee Mykels

3:10-3:20pm Jonathan Ackley

3:20-3:35pm Adam Carmichael

3:35-3:40pm Sawyer Snatch Kline

3:40-3:45pm Alexandra Mykels

3:45-3:55pm Morgan McMichaels

3:55-4:00pm Farrah Moan

4:00-4:05pm Casey Lee Kline

4:05-4:10pm Kai Lee Mykels

4:10-5:25pm Thee Filth

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