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Shout OUT: Now with More Social Media

By Blake McCoy, April 7, 2015, 2:15pm, Qmmunity

Thanks to all of our followers and the incredible response to Shout OUT! This week, we've tweaked our archive to offer all of our Shout-worthy peeps the chance to expand their following, as well.

Introducing the newly refurbished Shout OUT, now with enhanced social media links to make it easier to follow these folks.

• Looking for a new physician? Hit up Dr. Georgeanne Freeman at the Downtown Doctor.

• Don't want to miss another amazing performance by Jenuine-Cello? Find out when and where Jen Mulhern will be jamming out next.

• Want to track down that sick beat DJ DivorcĂ©e laid down last Saturday night? Follow him on SoundCloud.

• Ready for a glass of sass and a side of Neverland news? Check out Anastacia Uriegas.

• Want the ins and outs on all things drag? Follow our designated drag hag, Jamie Bancroft, for what to expect at this year's Austin Int'l Drag Festival.

• Need the quick and dirty details on fast approaching HavenCon? Hit up Shane Brown for the ultimate geek-filled weekend.

• Want to know how you can give back to Austin's homeless, but need help getting started? No problem, Lex Keaton has your back.

Feel free to send us nominees for future Shout OUT profiles:

Watch out for more Shout OUTs coming to a Gay Place near you!

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