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Shout OUT: Jen Mulhern

By Blake McCoy, January 28, 2015, 11:05am, Qmmunity

Name: Jen Mulhern
Status: Austin, TX homegrown (originally from San Antonio)
ID: Lesbian
Queerly Quotable: “My favorite sound is the silence in between the beats. That’s what I would want to be remembered for in this era of constant humming."

Jenuine-Cello, aka Jen Mulhern, is a one-woman show coming soon to a venue near you. Armed with a cello, a beatbox, and a kazoo, her arsenal combines everything from Bach to Bjork to create a sound that is at once soulful and electrifying. When she’s not teaching cello lessons or performing in the Laredo and Victoria symphonies, Mulhern is actively working toward releasing her first full-length album.

When it comes to being an openly gay artist, Mulhern says, “I’m usually one of the guys in the band. It just feels like a non-issue, you’re not really gay or straight, you are making the music.” Although Mulhern claims she’s still searching for her audience, she says, “I still secretly think that I’m drawn to having a fan base who can just have a moment when they can consider that one of their own has sort of made it.” Furthermore, she explains how as an out and proud musician, she hopes to serve as a role model for LGBT youth struggling with their own identities. “I think that one of the most important things you can do is just be yourself and out, and follow your life to the fullest. You have the opportunity to set an example; that’s more what I’m to be concerned about, the younger generation.”

Inside Scoop: As a self-proclaimed “Rain girl,” Mulhern is excited to announce that she will be performing at the club, Sun., Feb. 1, 9pm. Mulhern says her favorite things about Austin are the local dives, where at any given time one can go to enjoy live music and that if she were an ice-cream flavor, she would be birthday cake because “it’s full of little rainbow chips and just the happiest, chunky ice-cream ever.”

For more on Jenuine-Cello, catch up with the artist on Facebook, Twitter @jenuinecello, Instagram, or SoundCloud.

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