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Where the Girls Go/ATX: Red, White & Queer Edition

By Sarah Marloff, July 4, 2014, 8:00am, Qmmunity

It’s here: the three-day weekend of summer. Granted, most of us will be spending the next few days pool- or river-side, eating grilled meats or soy of some kind, and generally chillaxing with friends. But you’ve gotta come up for air sometimes. So when you get too bored of just hanging out, we’ve got you covered with cute queer options.

Friday: Seeking a non-house-party event for the 4th of July? Well it's your lucky Independence Day.

North Door will host a water slide party, with drink specials, adult sno-cones, and hot/veggie dogs. Okay. This is basically a house party, but bigger and with better bands, including Mom Jeans.

OR go for red, white and blue margaritas at El Sapo. DJ Mouthfeel will be busting out beatz, 5-8pm, and dogs are not only welcome, they're invited.

Suggestion: Hydrate, and remember, Mom Jeans plays at 5pm, so it's entirely possible to hear them and Mouthfeel under the influence of a 'Murrica festooned margarita too boot.

Saturday: Head down to San Antonio. Why? Because you can never celebrate too many Prides in one summer, and it's always fun to observe a different queer scene. That's right, it's Pride weekend in San Antonio, which means an all-day festival, a drag queen high heel race, and of course, a parade, which starts at 9pm.

Suggestion: Spend the night – that way everyone gets to drink, and no one gets to drive.

Sunday: Because who really ever gets tired of sitting outside, drinking beers with your gaggle? No one, so make tracks back to Cinema East tonight. This week's film is Wild Canaries - think film noir meets murder mystery meets comedy.

Suggestion: Did we mention it's BYOB, and the lawn is covered in the city's best lookin' peeps? Trust me, you don't want to miss this.

Have a sparkler-filled weekend. 'Til next week dolls.

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