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Ready to Get 'Nasty'?

By Claire Gordon, April 16, 2014, 9:30am, Qmmunity

With all of the theatrics and mayhem on stage each night, the Austin drag scene might the perfect setting for a suspenseful spine-chiller. The short film Nasty, which will follow an enigmatic, homicidal queen of the same name, is aiming to shine a spotlight on some of the leading ladies of Austin, as well as the scene itself.

Producers Gary Walker and Kelli Roeber, along with director, local photographer Mathew Marron, hosted a benefit Sunday night at Castro's Warehouse. The money raised from the event, along with a future IndieGoGo campaign and more benefit shows, will be used to finance the film.

Starring local darlings Cupcake, Althea Trix, Nadine Hughes, and newcomer Alice Kooki Mazooki, the film is not just for drag aficionados, according to Marron, who describes it as American Psycho meets Party Monster. The momentum from shows such as RuPaul's Drag Race, make now a perfect time for a drag thriller.

Cupcake, who plays the titular character, emceed the benefit, which raised over $700 towards the $5,000 budget of the film. Another benefit, set to include 'Nasty Bingo,' is in the works, with Austin's Pizza and Tom's Tabooley donating time, supplies, and space.

Marron hopes to premiere the film in September or October. Check the film's Facebook page for updates on production and fundraising.

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