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The AggreGAYtor: November 13

, November 13, 2013, 9:25am, Qmmunity

The first state to consider gay marriage may be the 16th to allow it, New Jersey keeps out the quacks, and California prepares itself for a Prop 8-style assault, as your AggreGAYtor stops making that gay face.

The Good

Hawaii continues its march toward recognizing marriage equality.

New Jersey was right to ban ex-gay conversion therapy quackery, and a federal judge has agreed.

Gay face may be real, and it’s kinda hot.

30 Rock actor Maulik Pancholy has publicly come out as gay.

Meredith Baxter is getting married again, this time to her longtime girlfriend.

The Bad

California conservatives claim to have enough signatures to try to take the rights of a class of citizens away. Again.

A rogues’ gallery of six states (yes, including Texas) have now committed to defying the Pentagon’s orders to pay benefits to same-sex married couples.

A lot of LGBTQ folk are still uncomfortable with the “Q,” sometimes very much so.

A Russian anti-gay activist shoots a man in the face because his balloon reads, “Christ loves men and women equally,” and receives a suspended sentence.

The Fugly

The president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute isn't very nice, and they think we should stop acting so nice to our "T" friends.

Pat Robertson makes us all want a shower… of prenatal hormones!

The Roman Catholic Church has jilted a Michigan YMCA over its support for marriage equality.

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