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Winners Make Our Pulse Quicken

By Sarah Marloff, October 22, 2013, 3:15pm, Qmmunity

When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Or in this case, when rains close the Trojan Pleasure Cart at ACL, get them to donate the shiny vibes for a Gay Place Giveaway (with vibrators).

And donate they did! Last week we announced our pleasure package doubleheader contest (that was two vibrators for one submission). Turns out – you like us. You really like us. Or maybe you're just real frustrated.

Either way, our inbox was all a-tremble with submissions, and our Facebook was damn near exploding with friend requests. (Thank you, everyone who entered.) We asked you to friend The Austin Chronicle, The Gay Place, and Dandy Unicornn. We then asked you to submit the name of "which celebrity, gay-lebrity, local-lebrity, historical figure, or cartoon character you'll most likely be picturing on your first go-round with your new toy." Amidst all this connecting, we'd like to get to introducing some of our new friends to their new friends and let the good vibes begin.

So, Gwendolyn, Katie, Joanna, Anton, Jason, and Chelsea – congratulations! You'll be receiving two new purple house guests, Pulse and Tri-phoria, in the mail. Check your inboxes for a love note from us, or send us one first with your snail mail addy then keep your eyes on your … box.

Yes, we did bump up our giveaway from five to six toys; we just wanted to share the love. And while each and every one of your "entries" made us giggle uncomfortably, our favorite submission went like this: "Yes, hello, I'd like to use Nancy Reagan as my vibrator entry. Thanks for listening."

Nancy Reagan? We can't resist: At what age does Nancy live in the spank bank?

Yay for new friends and new toys.

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