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The AggreGAYtor: December 4

By Brandon Watson, December 4, 2012, 11:45am, Qmmunity

Matt Farber takes to YouTube, John Travolta denies more allegations, and the AMA does a solid. New York, London, Paris, Munich. Today’s AggreGAYtor talks about pop music.

• The American Psychiatric Association removes “gender identity disorder” from the DSM-V in historic decision.

• The Ugandan anti-gay bill will not contain a death sentence says David Bahati, the lawmaker who drafted the bill. Somehow he seems less than forthright.

• A California judge has blocked the state’s ban on conversion therapy for three providers.

• Possibly closeted sweathog John Travoltais being sued by alleged ex-pilot/lover. Commenting on the case, Travolta’s lawyers simply said “up his hole with a dirigible,” perhaps not the best choice of words to quiet speculation.

• Out America’s Next Top Model also-ran Kim Stolz proves that smizing has real world applications.

Linda Harvey, the human equivalent of the mayo drenched pea salad your least favorite aunt always made you choke down on holidays, believes that marriage equality is bad because it will lead to all sorts of experimentation.

• Virginia LGBT groups are questioning the handling of the investigation of the disappearance of genderqueer youth Dashad Sage Smith.

• Logo founder Matt Farber’s new gay YouTube channel will feature the unfortunately titled public affairs show “Gwissues.” You know, you really have to question that gwision.

• “Shahs of Sunset” star Reza Farahan says that boss Ryan Seacrest is so straight that that winding garden paths give him heart palpitations.

• Hacktavist group Anonymous, shown here reading yesterday’s AggreGAYtor, are lending a hand to the Floridian teacher accused of turning a student into a lesbian.

• Same sex marriages can start in Maine on December 29.

• I know a lot of people dig Claudia Kishi, but Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit should have won the Baby-Sitters Club vice-presidency. I blame Stacey’s politicking.

Jet Magazine features its first same-sex wedding announcement.

J. Crew jumps on the bandwagon with its own gay wedding feature. Although the couple’s description of having their wedding “three hours south of Paris in a tiny town nestled in the quintessential French countryside” kinda makes me hate them.

• In a rib tickler worthy of the vaudevillian stars of yore, Air New Zealand tells a joke about Olympic shot-putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk having testicles. Such mirth!

Pat Robertson, whose military experience consisted of telling Marines “so long, suckers” while organizing pencils, is appalled by the West Point lesbian wedding.

• I know I have ranted about this before, but the Trevor Project’s endorsement of Katy Perry’s work for the LGBT community is suspect - like paper thin, like a house of cards, one blow from caving in.

• San Antonio state rep. Mike Villarreal has filed a proposed amendment to the Texas Labor Code to protect workers from discrimination based on sexual and gender identity.

• The San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce is hosting a statewide economic summit.

• SMU student John Mahaffey has admitted to raping male student, highlighting the little talked about issue of same-sex assault on college campuses.

• Is it considered too meta if you link to your own story? Am I the matrix?

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