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The AggreGAYtor: August 6

By Brandon Watson, August 6, 2012, 11:00am, Qmmunity

Elton John and Madonna continue their feud, Larry Craig drops a doozey, and John Travolta throws some shade. Today’s AggreGAYtor counts its chickens before they hatch.

• Atlanta man attacked after being asked if he was gay.

The United Nations speaks out against harsh Liberian anti-gay laws.

• Former employee reads the Library of Congress in discrimination lawsuit.

• Wackadoo Tennessee Democratic Senate nominee believes Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Nazi, FEMA runs prison camps and same-sex marriage is wrong.

• Bad medicine: Paper details medical experimentation to prevent lesbian, transgender and intersex children.

• Can you feel the love tonight? Elton John calls Madge a “fairground stripper.”

• Bathroom humor: Disgraced former Senator Larry Craig claims infamous potty break was “official business.”

• New study ties pupils dilation to sexuality. In style news, John Travolta is spotted around town with a new pair of shades.

• Speaking of Travolta, the Hairspray actor filed an official brief denying sexual misconduct in cruise ship case.

• And speaking of the closet, Love and Hip-Hop star Joseline Hernandez comes out as bisexual while pop singer Mika confirms sexuality.

• LGBTQ Veteran’s Memorial plans to break ground at the Congressional Cemetery.

• Gender neutral bathroom app debuts on iTunes.

• Composite sketch is released for man connected to Baltimore transwoman’s murder.

• Neighboring DC debuts campaign to fight transgender discrimination.

• New Human Rights Campaign database allows quick search of elected official’s stands on equality.

• Progress: First LGBTQ Pride parade held in Vietnam.

• Another medal for Team LGBTQ: Out star Lisa Raymond wins bronze in mixed double tennis.

Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel takes the Netherlands into the field hockey semi-finals.

• Best person ever Megan Rapinoe moves closer to the gold in today's semi-final match against Canada. Certified jerk John Herdman accuses US women of using "highly illegal" tactics.

• The Chikin Chronikles kontinue: Beaver’s Houston "Chick-on Chick Filet" goes viral.

• More than a decade after Lawrence v. Texas, the El Paso Police still has to remind its officers that they can’t enforce statute criminalizing “homosexual conduct” during Chick-fil-A protests.

• Hallelujah! California pastor leans in for a smooch during kiss-in.

• Our side is cooler than theirs. Jane Lynch opens Roseanne Barr roast with some choice words for the chicken purveyor.

• Sentient colostomy bag Rush Limbaugh and ring wraith Ann Coulter weigh in on the controversy.

• DC lawyer starts Chick-fil-A "offset" website.

• Mushroom for improvement: pizza tycoon Herman Cain suggests profits from Chick-fil-A appreciation day go to fighting marriage equality.

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