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Well, That Was Quick...

By Frank J. Rivera, November 1, 2010, 9:42pm, Qmmunity

I am officially placing the time of death for your interest in Savage's It Gets Better campaign as the moment you press play on Perez Hilton's contribution.

You might have noticed the skirmish over Clinton and Obama's "It Gets Better" contributions on Gay Place the past week.

An important debate, and one I believe the community needs to be having before November 2 and beyond. How much do we support those who only tenuously support the community?

And I believe the purposes of Savage's video project include attempt to engage the community in conversation about how we can best go about making it better.

Perez Hilton has no place in this dialogue.

I cast him out. Praise Gaga!

Look, I'm not saying that Perez Hilton didn't get bullied or that he deserved it. I'm just saying he's a horrible gargoyle-troll-monster who bullies for a living.

He forfeited his right to join the tirade against abuse either when he hurled "faggot" at or coined the term LezLo to disparage Lindsay Lohan's lesbian relationship.

I know, I'm being all Judge Judy about the appropriateness of engagement like I'm sort sort of Queer Patrol, but tell me if you can make it past the 5-second mark.

Ugh. It makes my skin crawl. Honestly, I'd rather Glenn Beck, Laura Bush or Tucker Carlson come out in support of the "It Gets Better" campaign than this hypocrite.

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