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Tranarchists Unite and Take Over

By Jimmie D, October 4, 2010, 1:50am, Qmmunity

Since Austin last donned hir spangles and finery for the Gadjo Disko to end all Gadjo Diskos this past February, there has been little occasion lately to get fiercified and dance like it's the final queer glittergasm of the century. Last night, host Angeliska and the Gadjo crew made us remember what it means to do it up right and lose ourselves in the magic.

Last night's Tranarchy at the ND at 501 Studios included a heaping helping of dragtacular performances from kings, queens, and in-betweens of all stripes. Miz Chlamydia Burns hosted the evening which featured performances from perennial favorites Kings N Things, the awe inspiring dance group Two Left Feet, and solo performers Sym Prole, Mizzare, and Anthony F. Will Glitterbeast and the Tranarchy Go-Go dancers provided a little eye candy in the interim and kept the energy high and mighty all night long. DJ's Chicken Kiev & Chainsaw Hammell produced some epic grooves (and kept my piggies in a state of perpetual motion every second). For real, I busted out some moves I didn't even know I had in me.

With the spirit of Dandy Unicorn in full swing, Tranarchy's alchemy laid not only in the sheer spectacle of the event, but also in its ability to bring together a community unlike any other. The beauty of an event like this is when everyone in attendance seems to lose themselves in the moment and become someone, something else entirely without being tied down to the tangible identities of everyday life. That is, after all, why the cover slides to the spendy side of the scale for attendees who show up in street clothes with the intention of sitting back and watching the spectacle as it unfolds. No one is a spectator here, and that feeling is what makes us feel free to just be ridiculous.

What I loved the most about last night was seeing so many people just f-ing own the essence of Tranarchy – embracing transgression and parading it around like total absolute divas. Angeliska recently visited San Francisco, and after seeing the latest incarnation of landmark performance drag legends the Cockettes, she returned with inspiration for the party's vibe. Last night's crowd made genderfuckery glamorous in their own distinct way all over again. Save your bedazzles for the next one, 'cause you can consider it brought.

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