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News AggreGAYte for the Week of Oct. 4-10

By Rob Cohen, October 4, 2010, 9:35am, Qmmunity

What a week it's been. With the recent suicide of 19-year-old Raymond Chase that makes five of our comrades on this little spinning ball that have taken their own lives after suffering the humiliation of bullying.

Our hearts go out to these young boys and their families, and to everyone out there who is experiencing bullying or contemplating suicide. You are not alone. Dandy watches over you. Be at peace with who you are.

Tyler Clementi

Seth Walsh

Asher Brown

Billy Lucas

The only positive news is that outrage over these incidents has sparked a huge wave of anti-bullying awareness.

Ellen DeGeneres sent out a heartfelt call to arms and Dan Savage has launched the YouTube-based It Gets Better Project. Judy Shepard hit the CBS Early Show and released a statement calling for an end to bullying. Anderson Cooper, our hero, who just interviewed Asher Brown's family, is set to host his own daytime talk show in fall 2011.

Also, two political victories this week offer hope. An unlikely ally, The Governator, has signed a bill giving LGBT minors access to mental health treatment, and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center has received a sizable grant for its work with homeless youth. Finally, Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education has released a statement about the recent events.

Check out new Gay Place blogger Julie Gillis' Hump (Our Allies) Day post for her take and more on how you can do your part to spark change.

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