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Half-Way Gay

By Andy Campbell, June 11, 2009, 6:31pm, Qmmunity

[Here's Andy's other post from a few week's ago about our Anytime Fitness Media Challenge. Mea culpa! – KXM]

Half-way point of the Anytime Fitness Media Challenge was today [May 29], and you know what that meeeeaaanns! Weigh-in! I got the good news that I've dropped more than a few pounds and lost some percentage points in my BMI. That's Body Mass Index, and it sounds too much like the acronyms for "bowel movement" and "too much information". So everytime someone says BMI I hear in my head a valley-girl-esque voice saying "Bowel Movement In-for-ma-shun!" It took everything I had for me not to start laughing when I was told what my BMI was.

Mature, I know. I'm an adult.

This challenge has already been such a positive experience for me, and is ultimately about reclaiming and controlling my body, and my level of health consciousness. The personal training sessions are tough but fair (like Sandra Sotomayor) and the competition is FIERCE (like Sandra Sotomayor). And by "fierce" I mean it's a gaysplosion (unlike Sandra Sotomayor).

One of the joys at working out at Anytime Fitness is the constant jockeying over radio stations. You know when certain personal trainers are in the house because of what music is blaring in the room: Joanne is techno/electronic, even early in the morning; Tim is 90s Alternative; and Glen? Well we think Glen listens to hardcore gangsta rap from Sweden when no one else is around – ALLEGEDLY!

But what about me? Because I like lists, I now present you with my Gaygaygay Gym Mix of dozens of songs. Songs that I listen to when I'm tired of FatboySlim or Filter. Go immediately to iTunes and download this list. Like, now dude.

The Ark - Deliver Us from Free Will

Cazwell (Feat. Johnny Makeup) - I Seen Beyonce

Mika - Love Today

Scissor Sisters - Electrobixx

Scream Club - Keep it on the Dance Floor

Beyonce - Freakum Dress

M83 - Kim & Jessie

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control

Lesbians on Ecstacy - Party Time (A Womyn's Luv)

Le Tigre - On The Verge

Princess Superstar - Do it like a Robot

Phoenix - Lasso

Electric Six - Gay Bar

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill (Deal With God)

Kylie Minogue - Obsession

Art Brut - Direct Hit

Gravy Train!!!! - Hella Nervous

Peaches - Hanky Code

Hidden Cameras - Music is my Boyfriend

Tuscadero - Hollywood Handsome

Rufus Wainwright - Between My Legs

The Crystals - He's a Rebel

Hercules and Love Affair (Feat. Antony) - Blind

Imperial Teen - Sweet Potato

Junior Senior - Chicks and Dicks

Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning

Magnetic Fields - The Nun's Litany

My Robot Friend - Walking Jewish

Robyn - Robot Boy

Yoko Ono - Witch Shocktronica

Dolly Parton - Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That?

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