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Blue Grass Pride

By Kate Getty, March 11, 2007, 7:31pm, Qmmunity

Both Kates dig on KY... errrr, Kentucky. Tattoo it on the wrist, cuz pride overrides in Thoroughbred country. Nay, neigh, bitches.

So props to the home state (proper) for keeping Fairness alive and well, even in the most toothless of territories. (Ya ever seen some of them hillbillies? Sum ain't got no teef.)

The Happs: Kentuck Legislators all ninny-flexxed and tight in the knickers wanted to put a ban on domestic partner benefits. Slowly but surely, the bill was defeated, albeit narrowly. The way we see it, neither institutionalized homophobia nor hillbilliphobia has a place in this world ... not even in Kentucky.

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