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What the Heck Is Going on With Delta-8?

, November 12, 2021, 6:31pm, Newsdesk

When we taped this week's episode of The Austin Chronicle Show on Thursday, reporter Morgan O'Hanlon called Delta-8 "legal-ish" – an apt description for a situation that is, shall we say, fluid.

There have been some developments since Morgan and I spoke (check out this Dallas Observer story), but our conversation, and her feature in this week's issue ("Industry Celebrates as Delta-8 Stays Legal, But for How Long?"), is still a great primer for anybody unsure why the state of Texas and the cannabusiness industry have gone to war.

In the second half of the program, Wayne Alan Brenner pops in for a conversation about his cover story about fantasy RPG/tavern Tiny Minotaur, and a preview of the ongoing Austin Studio Tour.

AustinChronicle · The Austin Chronicle Show: November 12, 2021

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