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Democrats Take Vote-by-Mail to Supreme Court

By Michael King, June 16, 2020, 1:15pm, Newsdesk

The Texas Democratic Party and three under-65 voters filed motions to the U.S. Supreme Court today, requesting allowing vote by mail to all Texas voters. One plaintiff called the age restriction "arbitrary, discriminatory, and unconstitutional."

Attorney Chad Dunn, general counsel for the TDP, said (via an online press conference) that the filings ask Justice Samuel Alito (presiding over the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals) to lift the current stay of a lower court order allowing VBM under pandemic conditions to all Texas voters. Failing that action, Dunn said, the Court has been asked to consider the constitutional merits of the plaintiffs' suit: that the 26th Amendment prohibits discrimination against voters on the basis of age.

For more on the legal actions concerning voting by mail in Texas, see "How Are We Going to Vote?," June 12. For more on the latest developments, follow the Daily News and this week's print edition.

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