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VIDEO: Austin Under Quarantine

, April 15, 2020, 8:00am, Newsdesk

Austin Chronicle staff photographers John Anderson, Jana Birchum, and David Brendan Hall have been on the ground covering COVID-19 and a city under quarantine since the virus first touched down in Austin.

Anderson explains why he felt compelled to edit their photographs and his own original video footage into a cinematic snapshot of a unique time in Austin's history:

"From a photographer’s perspective the COVID-19 pandemic, as horrible as it is, has been an event rich with imagery that also begs for historical documentation. That combination has created the opportunity for a very unique visual journal. So equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and plenty of social distancing, we’ve done our part to show the city what is happening to all of us, both in real time and for the sake of history.

"From a personal perspective it’s been difficult. The need for masks and social distance makes taking photographs of people uniquely challenging. There’s barriers that don’t normally exist. And seeing the already visible signs of economic decimation has been heartbreaking."

Watch John Anderson's video of the first three weeks of Austin under quarantine below.

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