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This Week on The Austin Chronicle Show: What Austin Is Doing to Combat Global Warming

By Kimberley Jones, November 1, 2019, 3:30pm, Newsdesk

If your inner monologue, like mine, is caught these days in an endless loop of everythingisterrible, here's a rare spot of good news.

Amidst all the really, really bad news about the climate crisis, a new report puts Austin on the shortlist of major international cities that have peaked their greenhouse gas emissions and are instead trending toward relying more and more on renewable energy. In this week's issue, Chronicle staff writer Michael King explores Austin's steady strides toward climate sustainability, and on this week's episode of The Austin Chronicle Show, Michael joined me in the KOOP studio to discuss the progress already made, where Austin needs to go next to cut emissions, and what role Gen Z has played in goosing their elders into action.

In the second half of the show, Doug Freeman – a longtime Chronicle contributor and co-editor of The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology (UT Press) – swung by the studio to discuss his new profile of SongwritingWith:Soldiers, a nonprofit that pairs veterans with songwriters as a way to help process their time in combat.

For copyright reasons, we've had to remove two songs – Darden Smith's "Angel Flight" and Mary Gaulthier's "The War After the War" – for the rebroadcast. Keep scrolling to listen to them via Spotify.

PBS recently televised a concert featuring work produced in SongwritingWith:Soldiers workshops; you can watch that concert here.

Host: Kim Jones. Guest: Michael King, Doug Freeman. Engineer: Evan Hearn. Theme music: Kevin Curtin and Jonas Wilson.

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