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Precourt Sports Ventures Reveals Soccer Stadium Site Plan

By Chase Hoffberger, May 15, 2018, 12:25pm, Newsdesk

The Los Angeles sports office for Gensler architects has been working on the site plan for McKalla Place, Precourt Sports Ventures’ current top choice for a soccer destination for its potentially relocating Columbus Crew, and today released a proposed layout for the North Austin site.

Behold . . .

Okay, so that’s a relatively zoomed-out bird’s eye view. (You can click on the photo to zoom in.) But what we’re seeing upon first glance is a simple rectangular stadium and a whole lot of room for ground level car parking (three lots that total 1,000 spaces). Also proposed is a valet for 500 bikes, a pond, music/performance space, and an open green space to the north site of the stadium’s entry plaza. The stadium is expected to hold around 20,000 fans.

A closer look yields a few more intriguing details. Gensler is proposing three access easements: two to Burnet Road and one to Braker Lane – though we’re unsure if they’ve secured those easements to date. There’s also a small access point along the Cap Metro Red Line’s tracks that’s not clearly identified on the plan but has a white arrow pointing to it, visible if you zoom really far in. That would appear to be some type of access point to the streets west of the Metro Rail, particularly Metric Boulevard, a north-south access point.

We’ll note that there is indeed no space reserved for affordable housing, sure to be a point of contention with a few members of City Council. For more, see Thursday’s issue.

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