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What Happens to Your Austin ISD Kid if They Walk Out of School Today?

By Chase Hoffberger, April 20, 2018, 9:15am, Newsdesk

There’s a national student walkout to promote gun safety today. Students from Austin ISD schools will participate in it. You might be wondering what sorts of disciplines await your brood should they take part in the walkout.

I don’t have kids, but many of my coworkers do, and some of them attend AISD schools. They’re privy to emails from said admins, and the other day Superintendent Paul Cruz put out a letter telling parents what sorts of books will hit their kid should they so choose to skip math class for the sake of freedom and fairness. Spoiler alert: a single unexcused absence. That’s not much! Definitely not enough to derail your Ivy League ambitions for your kid. So long as they don’t start trouble, students needn’t worry about any other form of punishment.

Cruz said school will operate as normal throughout the day, and that students are responsible for getting downtown (where the walkout is congregating) themselves. District resources prohibit any involvement in the walkout: There’ll be no transportation to and from school, no AISD Police escort. It’s just your kid and their sign cruising down one of the city’s meticulously designed sidewalks.

Tell 'em to be safe, but hey, isn’t that why they’re out there from the start?

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