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Mayor Adler in Hip-Hop Video About High School Math

By Chase Hoffberger, October 10, 2017, 11:10am, Newsdesk

It’s not every day that a City Council work session kicks off at the same exact time that the mayor begins promoting his debut feature in a hip-hop music video, but that’s evidently the case this morning.

Via Twitter, Mayor Steve Adler has given shine to Elle G and SaulPaul’s “Mo’ Math Mo’ Money,” perhaps the finest governmentally boosted song ever written about the wonders of high school math.

Adler appears late in the clip, and doesn’t rap so much as he valiantly opens a door and struts along an open courtyard, sunglasses down, arms spread wide – a swagger typically saved for late-night budget readings. We’d like to think he was a good math student in his day, and have filed a FOIA request for high school transcripts.

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