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City Compost Program Expands

By Joseph Caterine, August 2, 2017, 12:00pm, Newsdesk

Beginning Oct. 2, the Austin Resource Recovery Program will add 38,000 households to its Curbside Composting Collection Program.

The pilot project began in 2012, servicing 7,500 households, chosen to represent the demographics of the city. 6,500 more households were added in 2014. The 38,000 new households will either be extensions of the original pilot areas, or in the city districts that have had less access to the service. (See here for a map of the city‘s new coverage. Check this page to search for specific addresses.) The new 10-1 council system went into effect since the 2014 expansion of the service, and ARR spokesperson Memi Cardenas said that the program wanted to reflect any relevant changes. “We want to make sure each district is equally represented,” she said. If Council continues to approve funding for the program, ARR plans to expand the service to all Austin residents by 2020.

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