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Eight-Days-Out Campaign Finance Report

By Chase Hoffberger, November 2, 2016, 6:30pm, Newsdesk

The final set of campaign finance figures for the five City Council races up for election this coming Tuesday got published through the Office of the City Clerk on Monday, Oct. 31, breaking down how much each money candidate has raised, spent, owes in loans, or has on hand for the last few days.


A complete listing of filings from the election cycle is available here with a breakdown of action committee finances and spending here.

Three candidates didn’t file their eight-days-out reports: District 2 challengers Wesley Faulkner and Casey Ramos, and one candidate in District 4, Gonzalo Camacho. A representative from the clerk’s office confirmed that the three did not file their reports but declined to provide a reason for their oversight. The spokesperson said that Camacho’s, Faulkner’s, and Ramos’ lack of filing was not for the same reason as District 10 candidate Nicholas Virden’s not filing on the 30-days-out report, which happened because Virden originally signed up for modified reporting on his Form CTA, which exempts candidates from filing 30-days- and 8-days-out CFRs if they don’t intend to raise or spend more than $500.

Faulkner told the Chronicle that he failed to file on time because of a death in his treasurer’s family. He said he planned to file with the city clerk on Thursday. Ramos and Camacho both declined to respond to request for comment by the time this post went live.

*The Zimmerman campaign filed two additional campaign finance reports, relating to: 1) "Council Legal Defense" (declaring $2,382.91 in cash on hand) and 2) "Council Office Holder Account" (detailing $923.33 in the kitty).

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