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Breaking: Chris Riley Withdraws From Run-off

By Amy Kamp, November 7, 2014, 4:42pm, Newsdesk

Late this afternoon, Council Member Chris Riley announced that he would be withdrawing from the District 9 run-off. His opponent, Kathie Tovo, had come close to winning the November 4 election, but ultimately finished with 49% of the vote. Riley trailed her by 10 percentage points.

Riley wrote in a press release, "We knew this would be a tough race against a worthy opponent. Both Kathie and I have sought to do our best as council members and earn the trust placed in us by the voters who elected us. I’m sure that Kathie will continue to work hard on behalf of the people of District 9 and Austin.

"I remain dedicated to the ideals and policies I’ve championed, and I feel there is a path to victory in the runo-ff. But I also feel that, as we begin this new era with a new council, a contest that creates negativity and division is not how we should set the tone for Austin going forward. I would rather work together with Kathie and with the new council members, as an advocate, to solve the challenges we face."

The Chronicle will have more on this story in our Monday News Roundup.

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