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Yes, We Have Candidates!

By Michael King, July 22, 2014, 12:01pm, Newsdesk

Monday, July 21, marked the opening of the official filing period for the new 10-1 City Council, and a handful of candidates took advantage of Opening Day. The early headliner was Council Member Mike Martinez, who hit City Hall in the morning for filing and a photo-op. He was joined by a half-dozen others, including a newcomer.

Martinez issued a press release to accompany the filing of his paperwork. “Middle class and working families deserve a voice at City Hall. This election is about who is ready to lead our city on day one and who best understands it. I’m ready to bring 22 years of public service experience and the Austin Firefighter creed that no one gets left behind to the Mayor’s office.”

Although many declared candidates have filed campaign treasurer designations and been campaigning for weeks or months, formal filing for office began only this week. Some candidates will file immediately, others will wait, for practical or strategic reasons.

As of Tuesday morning, Martinez was the only mayoral candidate (among a declared six) to have had his filing posted by the City Clerk, but we’ll continue to monitor and update the filings on the Chronicle’s Election page. Another six Council candidates (among about 60 in all) also filed Monday: Susana Almanza (District 3), Mike Rodriguez and David Senecal (District 5), Jimmy Flannigan and Jay Wiley (District 6), and Melissa Zone (District 7).

Senecal is a newcomer, who filed his campaign treasurer designation only last week, and we’ll have more information on him as it becomes available. Also filing CTD’s (but not yet for office) last week were Christopher Hutchins (District 1) and Franko Guajardo (District 3). We’ve reached out to the new candidates and will update their information when it becomes available.

Check the Elections page for updates and news about all the City Council candidates.

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