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Alligator Reported in Del Valle

By Brandon Watson, June 5, 2014, 3:00pm, Newsdesk

If we were alligators, we're not sure Del Valle would be our ideal home. There's all that noise from the airport – plus Austinites really like their boots. Housing costs may be lower, but it's nearly impossible to commute. And then there's the APD, who issue public warnings every time you try to meet the neighbors. Geez.

But who are we to argue with alligators?

Austin Police issued a warning this afternoon after receiving reports of an alligator lounging around a pond in the 13000 block of Thome Valley Dr. According to police, residents have marked the spot with safety signs and the pond is clearly marked as an alligator habitat. Still, they want to make it clear that swimming in the alligator's personal infinity pool is a very, very bad idea.

We would also like to caution anyone planning to do a frame-by-frame remake of the 2011 Deborah Gibson vehicle Mega Python vs. Gatoroid that CGI is likely way cheaper than a hospital visit. It's definitely less painful.

Other safety tips from Texas Parks and Wildlife:

• Don’t feed them
• Don’t get close to them
• Don’t swim or wade, where they are
• Don’t let your pets near them
• Don’t agitate or tease them
• Don’t try to catch one
• Don’t approach an alligator’s nest
• Do observe from a safe distance on land
• Do discourage others from feeding them
• Do treat them with respect as an important element of nature

Those with alligator questions can call TWPD at 409/736-2551 or email Just don't cry crocodile tears. They probably hate that.

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