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More in the 10-1 Mix

By Michael King, May 12, 2014, 1:45pm, Newsdesk

Newsdesk continues to follow The Road to 10-1, and as of today every City Council district race has at least two announced candidates. There’s officially a race in District 2, and in Districts 3, 4, and 7, candidates are gathering like reporters at an open bar . . .

Here’s Monday’s shortlist of folks who have filed their campaign treasure designations, to be added to the roundup and brief profiles available here[updated May 12]:

District 1: As expected, former Place 6 candidate and Texas Association of School Boards insurance risk manager DeWayne Lofton has joined the race, the fifth candidate to do so.

District 2: Small businessman and Dove Springs NA President Edward Reyes has filed his CTD, joining Delia Garza in thus far a two-person race.

District 3: Relatively quiet for a while, suddenly District 3 has eight candidates with CTD filings (and more to come): add banker Miguel M. Ancira, musician Julian Limon Fernandez, TXDOT employee Eric J. Rangel, teacher Ricardo Turollols-Bonilla.

District 4: As expected, insurance commissioner Katrina Daniel, community organizer Monica Guzmán, business owner Laura Pressley filed their CTD’s last week, meaning eight declared [Update: make that seven -- Chelsea Brass said today she will withdraw and has thrown her support to Daniel] and a couple more almost-declared candidates.

District 5: General Land Office employee Jason R. Denny and retired financial advisor Mike Rodriguez designated their treasurers, making four announced candidates and likely a couple more to come.

District 7: Travis County urban planner Melissa Zone added her CTD, becoming the sixth announced candidate, with a couple more in the wings.

That’s it for new filings as of mid-day Monday; we’ll continue to update as new filings and candidates appear – check the Chronicle election page.

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