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Catching up with 10-1

By Michael King, May 9, 2014, 6:02pm, Newsdesk

There’s been a flurry of City Council candidate activity this week – marked by the May 8th fundraising starting gun – with more wannabes announcing, filing treasurer designations, or scheduling public kickoffs. Here’s a quick summary, including the headline, Almost-Mayoral-Candidate Sheryl Cole filed her CTD.

Mayor Pro Tem Cole is in the middle of her “Listening Tour” of the 10 new Council districts, but not yet quite ready to officially declare her candidacy. Friday afternoon she told Newsdesk she has “really learned a lot” from her neighborhood events, and that “the new [10-1] system has empowered people to talk about what is unique to their neighborhoods.” She said that while Council is often occupied with big issues like Austin Energy and the water utility and the comprehensive plan– “the big stuff” – people in a particular district may “want a trail” or some other specific improvement. “People like to be heard; I am surprised just by how many people want to come and tell me what they think, and they’re grateful that you came out there.”

She did file a dual campaign treasurer designation Thursday, May 8 (Robbie Ausley and Rev. Joe Parker, if you’re tracking treasurers, and good luck with that), but laughed and said, “I’ve got to be able to buy some cookies” for the “House Parties.” “[Steve] Adler gave away ice cream, you know,” said Cole (referring to last Sunday’s City Hall kickoff held by one of her presumed opponents.)

Beyond that, said the almost-candidate, “I am seriously considering making an announcement soon.”

Here’s a quick summation of the week’s new activity in the 10 district campaigns; for the whole annotated list, see “The Road to 10-1 … is Getting Crowded,” which we’ll be updating again soon – almost certainly with additional names.

District 1: As expected, former candidate DeWayne Lofton filed his CTD this week, becoming the fifth declared District 1 candidate, with Andrew Bucknall, Ora Houston, Norman Jacobson, and Sam Osemene. (Note: a CTD means a candidate can solicit and spend contributions; formal filing for the office does not take place until July 21-Aug. 18.)

District 2: Long-announced candidate Edward Reyes, president of the Dove Springs Neighborhood Association, filed his CTD, joining Delia Garza as the two declared candidates.

District 3: District 3 is suddenly burgeoning with new candidates: Julian Fernandez, Miguel Ancira, and Ricardo Turollols-Bonilla all filed CTDs this week, joining as declared candidates Susana Almanza, Mario Cantu, Shaun Ireland, Fred McGhee, and Eric Rangel. Moreover, Nicholas Lucier earlier indicated his intention to run, and Sabino “Pio” Renteria said this week that he will also be running.

District 4: Katrina Daniel, Monica Guzmán, and Laura Pressley each filed their CTDs this week, preceded by Chelsea Brass, Greg Casar, Marco Mancillas, Sharon Mays, and Gabe Rojas. (Roberto Perez Jr. is still considering a run.)

District 5: Jason Denny and Mike Rodriguez added their CTDs, joining Dan Buda and Ann Kitchen; several others are considering.

District 6: No new filing activity: candidates with CTDs are Jimmy Flannigan, Pete Phillips Jr., Matt Stillwell, and Jay Wiley.

District 7: Melissa Zone filed a CTD, joining Jeb Boyt, Ed English, Josiah Ingalls, Jimmy Paver, and Pete Salazar Jr. (Alex Blum has also said he will run.)

District 8: No new filing activity this week: declared candidates include Becky Bray, Eliza May, Darrell Pierce, and Ed Scruggs.

District 9: The three declared candidates remain Erin McGann, Chris Riley, and Kathie Tovo.

District 10: No new filing activity this week: declared candidates remain Margie Burciaga, Tina Cannon, Mandy Dealey, Sheri Gallo, Matt Lamon, Robert Thomas.

Mini-profiles of most (eventually all) of the declared candidates are available here. We’ll have more on the new candidates – and likely more bold-faced names – as it becomes available, on the Chronicle election page.

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