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KLBJ's False Flag

By Brandon Watson, November 23, 2013, 11:00am, Newsdesk

By now, "News Radio" KLBJ should have their ears finely tuned to fiction. After all, this is a station that hosts the Alex Jones Show every Sunday afternoon. But when a woman identifying herself as "Lucy" called in with enough yarn to knit a holiday sweater, they were too ready to cuddle up in the warmth.

KLBJ had struck viral gold. Your uncle who bought a lock of Megyn Kelly's hair on eBay probably forwarded you the story. Finally, one of Ronald Reagan's welfare queens was willing to admit that she games the system, hitting the bong and eating Cool Ranch Doritos in government-assisted splendor. What's more, she is unrepentant, calling working stiffs fools.

The hosts of "Austin's Morning News" ate it up. The station's Facebook following were quick to follow suit. "Bitch needs to be sent to jail for possession of an illegal substance, she needs to be kicked off of WELFARE and her damned tubes REMOVED," opined one of the faithful. "But we dont need drug tes testing for them even though I have to pass one fir my job," said another. Soon conservative blogs were reporting the scandalous affair. Geraldo Rivera was likely somewhere lurking, waiting to tickle outrage with his signature mustache.

There was, however, one small problem. "Lucy" called again a few minutes later to "The Todd and Don Show", where she completely discounted her own story (Wednesday, October 30, Hour 1 at 26:30). The new "Lucy" claimed she had indeed been on welfare, but only for a year. She lifted herself up from her pleather bootstraps and was upset that others hadn't done the same. She invented the welfare queen story to raise awareness of abuses. Touché libruls.

To be fair, the original Facebook post went live before the second call. Obviously, KLBJ would want to keep the grift on the DL. The story went cold. That is until today when KLBJ News Director Todd Jeffries (the "Todd" of "Todd and Don") posted the below very special PowerPoint to YouTube. The retraction be damned, KLBJ wants some more of that Tea Party gold. Along with the (oddly interrupted) "full audio" of the original call, viewers are treated to a slideshow of conservative memes. Here's Brad Pitt eating Lays on a couch. Wait, now it's a potato. Touché libruls.

There is no mention of the second call, no admission of guilt. This "Lucy" is goosey, ready to raise blood pressure again. But this time, KLBJ is aware it's bogus. To their credit, Facebook users are doing a good job of reminding the station that it's a cheap ploy. In defense, the station responded to one user, "it was on a talk show, not news." It's perhaps the most honest thing they have said all year.

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