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YCT Stages Immigrant Hunt

By Brandon Watson, November 18, 2013, 2:30pm, Newsdesk

Say what you will about the Young Conservatives of Texas, but they are a busy lot. If they're not serving up half-baked ideas about affirmative action, they are planning racist campus-wide games. One shouldn't expect deep thoughts from a group that gave a ringing endorsement to Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, but their latest stunt takes the cake.

The "game" goes like this. On Wednesday, volunteers will walk around the UT campus with tags that say "illegal immigrant." If a UT student catches one of the bozos, they can bring them back for a $25 gift card. What fun! And the gift card can really come in handy in this economy. It's always so difficult to come up with new outfits for YCT events. But trade in the card for a 120-thread-count sheet set and a bottle of spray starch and you're set.

The event is the latest attempt to troll the UT community. In late September, YCT staged an "affirmative action bake sale," charging white men more for bitter brownies than women and minorities. That event was met with criticism from both students and administration, so YCT's natural reaction was to double down.

In a brief statement, YCT chairman and former Greg Abbott campaign staffer Lorenzo V. Garcia said he hopes the event will "spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration and how it affects our everyday lives." If he is defining "discussion" as an exchange of middle fingers, he might just have a point.

Meanwhile, progressives will be tabling next to YCT with a "tolerance bake sale." Those who prefer chips to be in cookies and not on shoulders might want to stop by..

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