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Communists! GOP Sees Reds Under the SB 5 Bed

By Richard Whittaker, June 28, 2013, 10:07am, Newsdesk

Were you one of the estimated 3,500 people in the Capitol on Tuesday night, shouting down the passage of anti-women's health care measure Senate Bill 5? Did you know that Texas Republicans think you're a Communist?

The new Red Scare began this morning when the Texas Tribune reported that "local chapters of the Occupy movement and the International Socialist Organization, or ISO" were part of organizing effort behind Tuesday night's cheering section in the Senate gallery.

This was more than enough to set the New McCarthyites off. First up was Caleb Troxclair, chief of staff to Rep. Phil King, who tweeted the Trib story with this bon mot: "Socialist organization and Occupy movement organized mob to stop #SB5"

Quickly there was a retort from Travis County Republican Party communications director Andy Hogue (glossing over that communism and socialism are not interchangable terms): "So let me get this straight, @calebtroxclair: if you supported the #sb5 filibuster you support Communism? Literally? #whoknew"

With the Travis GOP spokesman on the trail, it was inevitable that @TravisGOP would not be far behind. So low and behold: "Joining us in fight to save #sb5 next special session is, literally, fight against Communism! See previous retweets. More to come in July."

No, no accident: A quick double-down:

So far there is no confirmation that the GOP believes that the opponents of SB 5 were transported to the legislature along the Ho Chi Minh trail.

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