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Sequester Texas

By Jordan Smith, February 25, 2013, 9:29am, Newsdesk

According to a report released last night by the White House, unless Congress acts to avoid harsh budget cuts slated to take effect at the end of the week, nearly 10,000 Texas kids will go without vaccinations, nearly 5,000 would be left without Head Start, and the state would lose nearly $9 million in funding dedicated to ensuring clean water and air.

In addition, the state would see furloughs of military personnel, would lose law enforcement grant money, and would see nearly $4 million in funding for nutrition for seniors cut, according to the report, one of 50 of its kind detailing sequestration costs for each state.

Republicans have questioned some of the numbers included in the state-specific reports. Regardless, the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts are slated to take effect March 1, unless some bipartisan agreement to avoid them can be reached.

"There is no question that we need to cut the deficit, but the President believes it should be done in a balances way that protects investments that the middle class relies on," reads the Texas report. "We cannot simply cut our way to prosperity, and if Republicans continue to insist on an unreasonable, cuts-only approach, Texas risks paying the price."

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