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Travis County Early Voters Favored Obama

By Monica Riese, November 6, 2012, 7:52pm, Newsdesk

According to the Travis County Clerk's Office, of the 238,071 early voters in the county, some 60% favored Barack Obama over challenger Mitt Romney in the general election.

Of course, the hours-long lines at polling places across the county suggest we still have more than a few ballots to tally, and even once we have them all, it's hard to forget that Austin is a tiny blue island in the red state of Texas. The state's electoral votes are almost assuredly going to Romney.

Other notable results from the early voting tallies include:

• Travis County voters favored the Democratic candidate in all the top-of-the-ballot Senate and House races.

Ken Mercer (State Board of Education, Place 5) only took 28% of the early vote.

• The District 25 State Senator race between Donna Campbell and John Courage was in a statistical tie.

• Most of the city charter propositions were in a 60/40 or 55/45 split, with the most decisive ones being Props. 1 and 2, which would move the city elections to even-numbered Novembers: Those races were (so far) more along the lines of 75/25.

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