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Arrest Made in Morton Murder Case

By Jordan Smith, November 9, 2011, 4:27pm, Newsdesk

Police on Wednesday arrested 57-year-old Mark Alan Norwood, the prime suspect in the 1986 murder of Christine Morton in Georgetown.

Norwood, whose DNA was found on a bloody bandana discarded near the Morton crime scene, is also a suspect in the 1988 murder in Austin of Debra Masters Baker. Norwood lived a block from Baker who, like Morton before her, was found bludgeoned to death in her home. Norwood's DNA was also recovered from a hair found at the Baker murder scene.

Christine's husband, Michael Morton, was released from prison last month after serving 25 years in prison, wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for his wife's murder.

Whether police and prosecutors – including now Williamson County Judge Ken Andersondeliberately hid from Morton's defense exculpatory evidence is now at issue. Morton's lawyers have deposed Anderson, Mike Davis, the former assistant district attorney who helped Anderson convict Morton, and former WilCo Sheriff's Sgt. Don Wood, who led the murder investigation.

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You can read the transcript of the Davis deposition here.

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