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TDH: 6/20/11

By Wells Dunbar, June 20, 2011, 2:11pm, Newsdesk

So … I miss anything this weekend?

The Hustle was outta town this weekend, missing the Place 3 run-off election. But despite being hundreds of miles removed, a glimpse at the 7pm early voting totals told me what it did campaigners on the ground in Austin: Randi Shade's re-election chances were over, and Kathie Tovo would be your next City Council member.

We'll have more of a breakdown in this Thursday's paper, but suffice to say, roughly the same percentages from the general held in the run-off, just with many more votes coming from concerted GOTV campaigns from both candidates. The approximate 10% turn-out may have set a new high water mark for run-off elections, a total we would do well to even break in future contests (and preferably without the levels of animosity, disinformation, and ungracious Austin-baiting that marred this one). The Austin Post has a further election night round-up.

All that said, the Hustle congratulates Tovo on her hard-fought win (and wishes her a happy birthday, to boot)!

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