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Early Vote Looks Good for Doherty

By Lee Nichols, November 4, 2008, 7:24pm, Newsdesk

Democrat Larry Joe Doherty should be feeling good about the early voting results from Travis County. In his Congressional District 10 challenge to incumbent Republican Michael McCaul, he has taken 63% of the early vote. Back in 2006, Democrat Ted Ankrum only got 56% of Travis' early total, and was then swept away by McCaul once the other counties came in.

Asked if they had a specific target for the Travis early vote, Doherty spokesman Jon Niven replied, "We were just shooting to do best we could. We knew the votes were there, we just had to get them to polls. And that was our field team, that did a dynamic job."

Now, Doherty has to worry about how Harris County and the rural counties in the district will treat him, and whether his Travis lead is enough to hold off the more conservative parts of the district.

"Obviously that’s going to be more of an uphill battle over there but we feel we've done great job on both ends of the district," Niven said. "The district was gerrymandered to be a difficult one to campaign in, but we’ve been traveling up and down the 160 miles of asphalt to make our impact known on both ends."

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