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Cap Metro Union May Accept Martinez Offer

By Lee Nichols, November 1, 2008, 11:17pm, Newsdesk

Press release from Council Member Mike Martinez's office:

Council Member Martinez Announces ATU Ready to Move Toward Deal

Council Member Martinez announced today that the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1091 stands ready to bring his stop-gap proposal to its membership if and when StarTran proposes the deal.

"I have just received word today from Jay Wyatt from ATU, and he informed me that they are ready to get to work, and will bring our stop-gap proposal to their membership and recommend approval in time to avoid a work stoppage," said Council Member Martinez.

Under the terms of collective bargaining, neither Council Member Martinez, nor any other Capital Metro Board Member can formally propose a plan for consideration by either StarTran or ATU, one of the parties must make the offer for a new plan.

"This is great news for the negotiations. If both sides set aside their differences and acrimony from the previous process, they can come together and start fresh on Monday with a new proposal. Based on my conversations with Jay, if that can happen, we can make some very significant progress in the next few days," said Council Member Martinez.

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