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Other races

By Lee Nichols, March 5, 2008, 5:21pm, Newsdesk

Too many elections, too few bloggers. Let’s catch up on some other state and Travis County races that Newsdesk has overlooked thus far:

Democratic primary:
• Texas Supreme Court, Place 7: Sam Houston 56% over Baltasar Cruz
• Texas Supreme Court, Place 8: Linda Reyna Yañez 51% over Susan Criss
• 98th District Court: Rhonda Hurley 60% over Robert Ettinger and Andy Hathcock
• 353rd District Court: Scott Ozmun 52% over surprisingly strong former Republican Madeleine Connor
• 427th District Court: Jim Coronado 67% over Karyl Krug
• County Court at Law 8: Carlos Barrera 58% over John Lipscombe

• Constable, Pct. 1: Former Austin City Council Member Danny Thomas 42% will face a runoff against Janie Serna 30%, while Chronicle endorsee Willie Joe Madison was eliminated at 28%, thus showing the value of Chronicle endorsements
• Constable, Pct. 2: Dems decided they wanted the flawed but experienced candidate over the really green one: Adan Ballesteros 52% over Paul Labuda. Ballesteros will now challenge Republican incumbent Bob Vann
• Constable, Pct. 3: Incumbent Richard McCain 55% over Robert Eller
• Constable, Pct. 4: Incumbent Maria Canchola 60% over Al Reyes
• Travis County Democratic Party Chair: Andy Brown 56% over Fidel Acevedo

Oh yeah … There are also Republicans in Travis County:
• State Rep., Dist. 48: Pamela Waggoner 62% over Joe Donnelly, hoping to knock off popular Democratic incumbent Donna Howard. She’d better be a better campaigner than Ben Bentzin.
• Constable, Pct. 2: Incumbent Bob Vann 60% over Carl Joiner.
• Travis County Republican Party Chair: Rosemary Edwards 70% over Joe Gimenez
• And a fun note: You want to know what kind of nuts vote Republican? U.S. Senator John Cornyn easily survived a challenge from Larry Kilgore, not too surprising since Kilgore's platform included Texas seceding from the United States, and vowed to enact "Biblical law." Still, crazy as that is, he still got 19% of the vote! That's almost a quarter of a million Republicans who thought that was a good idea. (Then again, in the other Senate primary, more than half a million Democrats voted for a guy named Gene Kelly just because of his famous name, so I suppose I shouldn't get too haughty.)

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