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Council Flushes WTP4; Water Plant Iced for Year (Updated)

By Wells Dunbar, August 9, 2007, 6:32pm, Newsdesk

A substitute motion offered by Lee Leffingwell on Item 35 today – the exploration of a regional water plant for Austin and her surrounding cities – is a big one: putting an immediate stop to construction of Water Treatment Plant No. 4 at its current Bull Creek location, and delaying any further work there for one year while council explores alternatives to the controversial proposed plant. In addition to asking staff to explore new sites, expanding completed plants, and the possibility of building smaller-sized plants on previously explored areas like the Cortana tract, the measure also calls for an environmental cumulative impact assessment on building at Bull Creek.

Hard to believe, but for now, it looks like WTP4 is dead.

UPDATE: Here's the complete text of Leffigwell's sub-motion:

Substitute Motion on Item 35:

A delay in construction of Water Treatment Plant 4 of not more than one year;

An environmental cumulative impact assessment as advised by our Environmental Board taking into account the probable listing of the Jollyville Salamander;

A full review and re-examination of site selection criteria for a Lake Travis water intake supplied Water Treatment Plant;

A re-examination of previously reviewed sites, including Cortana, and the examination of new potential sites in light of any new site selection criteria;

Acceleration of the implementation of newly adopted water conservation policies, re-evaluation of water demand projections in light of these policies and consideration of adopting additional measures for water conservation, efficiency and re-use.

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