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Love Is …

By Wells Dunbar, June 21, 2007, 12:37pm, Newsdesk

Exempting the previously discussed business regarding the Morales murder (APD sure did screw the pooch there), it's been a regular love-in at City Hall this morning.

First, self-described consumer advocate and environmental activist Paul Robbins – a prickly-pear if ever there was one – was read a proclamation by Lee Leffingwell naming Downtown's first district chilling plant for him. "This may be the first award the city ever gave for stubbornness," said Robbins, whose spent 30 years advocating for smart energy policy in Austin (his Austin Environmental Directory is here).

This was followed by confirmation of Art Acevedo as Austin's new chief of police – with Brewster McCracken rightfully describing the praise heaped on Acevedo as reminiscent of council's debate about the city manager: best in the country or the world?

Betty Dunkerley, out of town for much of Acevedo's charm offensive, said, "I think you must walk on water!" McCracken clarified "Chief Acevedo walks on the Kool-Aid we're all drinking." He continued, "We're a big, great city, and you're gonna be a big, great police chief!" before going coochie-coochie, wiping some strained carrots off his chin, and giving him a burp. Sheryl Cole just wanted to make sure Acevedo wasn't running for anything, because, "I think we'd be in trouble!"

Then followed a press conference for the (thoroughly low-rent) Austin Listening police outreach campaign, where Mike Martinez implored everyone – including the kids – to give their feedback about the police. To that end, a procession of African-American and Latino youngsters marched into the conference room, depositing opinion slips in a comments box. Wonder how "Please don't kill me" ranked.

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