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A Kinky 2006

By Wells Dunbar, December 29, 2006, 11:05am, Newsdesk

Burnt Orange Report is in a contemplative mood, looking back at the major events of the year. Their biggest scoop was posting years-old clips of Kinky Friedman's comedy routine, wherein the entertainer lets loose with the dreaded N-word in the course of his routine. BOR magnate Phillip Martin says "I'm not sorry for posting the audio clips, or for our coverage on Friedman, but I am sorry that I didn't cover it better. I should have waited for all the show to be uploaded before putting up the clip (something we eventually did), even though I feel the full show is more damning. Still, it would have been more fair."

Granted, with his history and profile, Friedman was operating a different type of campaign, one which ultimately was horribly unsuccessful. Still, I'm not sure how much BOR's disclosures actually hurt him. On Election Night, it was only Kinky's hardcore Kool-Aid swillers, and looking back, I think it's likely that's how it was all along.

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