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Watch This: Paige Plaisance Swampy-Tonks Her Blues Away on “Good Time Girl”

By Doug Freeman, September 6, 2023, 10:00am, Earache!

If you haven’t caught Paige Plaisance behind the piano onstage, you may have actually seen her at her Ramblin’ Rose Co. trailer parked behind Sagebrush. The songwriter delivers a dual threat of vintage threads and music to the local country scene.

“I have always felt that fashion and music go hand in hand,” offers Plaisance, who moved to Austin in 2014 after graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in fashion. “My love for fashion began with seeing my favorite musicians performing and being enamored in the clothing of the Sixties and Seventies. I have always wanted to pursue music, however, I wanted to be able to support myself financially, so I started my own vintage clothing shop in 2017.

“When I moved my trailer shop to the back patio of Sagebrush in 2020, I asked if I could play music out by my trailer with Marshall [Hood] and Devin [White],” she adds. “Denis O'Donnell, owner of Sagebrush, said it was cool. The next month he asked me to play on the outdoor stage they had set-up at the time, and then to the small stage inside. Since then, I've played all across town at the honky-tonks. So, in a way, my shop brought me back to playing music and music has always been the inspiration for my shop.”

Plaisance debuted her self-styled “swampy-tonk” with 2022 EP Different Now, an intoxicating blend of her Louisanna roots and Austin honky-tonk sound. As she prepares her first LP, latest single “Good Time Girl” dishes an anthem of Austin nightlife, fuelled by good music, good friends, and maybe a few regrets.

“Austin has always had a magic about it to me – a hub of creativity in music, fashion, art, and a thriving nightlife scene,” she says. “It's a town where you can go out every night and see an amazing show. For years, I was going out dancing and listening and just soaking in all of the great music. I finally decided I was ready to be a part of it, and it has been so much fun.”

The video for “Good Time Girl” captures that energy perfectly, proving that the vintage Austin slacker spirit hasn’t gone out of style. Directed by Dan Brown of Royale Film Co. and produced by Zoe Prewitt of Bad TV Productions and Stuart Mydlow, the video features a slew of Austin creatives and Sam’s Town Point regulars. And if we’re not mistaken, that’s songwriter Nick Garza playing alter-ego frat bro Bryce.

The song was recorded and produced at Clyde's VIP Room by Jonathan Tyler, who also pops up onstage in the video to join Plaisance’s Yeah You Right Boys band. You can catch Plaisance and the band (featuring Josh Flowers and Stuart Owens alongside Hood and White) this Saturday, September 9, at Sam’s Town Point for the official single release of “Good Time Girl.” Check out the video premiere now below.

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