SXSW Music Adds New Order, Killer Mike, Protomartyr, and Isabella Lovestory

Along with over 300 more artists headed to the Austin festival

Isabella Lovestory (Courtesy of Isabella Lovestory)

How does it feel? New Order leads the pack among 320 musical names announced in SXSW Music’s third lineup rollout.

The club influencers behind 1983’s “Blue Monday” return following a 2015 Texas visit to Houston’s Day For Night festival. Further SX additions, due March 13-18, include Outkast/Run the Jewels essential Killer Mike, popular Nashville feel-good alt-crafters Michigander, and D.C. rapper/actor Anwan “Big G” Glover, known for portraying Slim Charles on The Wire.

Detroit post-punk aughts establishment Protomartyr mark another notable add on, perhaps to see the long tail of their genre influence in incoming icy Londoners like Sports Team and Model/Actriz. From Honduras, hyperpop-mixing act Isabella Lovestory reprises a recent local stop for Boiler Room’s December show at the Concourse Project. Japan/Colorado hip-hop act Wez Atlas totes playful bilingual singles like “Overthink.”

Last October, New York up-and-comer Maiya The Don tapped the cultural consciousness with October’s orchestral-string-looping hip-hop track “Telfy,” referencing Telfar accessories. Puerto Rican rapper PJ Sin Suela, also a certified MD often integrating social just messages, struck his own chord with 2018 Bad Bunny collaboration "Cual Es Tu Plan?" Tangerine Dream’s pervasive influence landed in 1984, when the German electronica pioneers crafted the track "Love on a Real Train" for the Risky Business soundtrack.

For effusive songwriting, try cosmic country-influenced Canadian Julianna Riolino, emotionally steadfast Winspear Records act Barrie, or exploratory Richmond rapper McKinley Dixon.

From across the fest’s home state, notable additions include Houston’s Texas Piano Man himself, Robert Ellis, and Dallas rock troupe Teethe, who received a very unexpected shoutout from Kendall Jenner last year for slowcore song “Tag.” Raised in Katy, romantic rising R&B singer-songwriter Dende unveiled new EP Before We Crash this month.

All Austin additions in the announcement are: 1st Base Runner, Andrew Cashen, Annabelle Chairlegs, Austin Unconducted, BÖNDBREAKR, The Bright Light Social Hour, Broken Gold, Buenos Diaz, Calder Allen, Caramelo Haze, Cecilia and The Broken Hearts, Colin Houlihan's Utopia Quartet, Como Las Movies, Cotton Mather, Curse Mackey, Dale Watson, Daniel Fears, The Dead Coats, dj poolboi, Fuck Money, Geto Gala, Half Dream, Jane Leo, JaRon Marshall, Jeff Lofton, Jon Muq, J. Serrato, J Soulja, Kelley Mickwee, Lara Price, Larry Seaman, Lisa Morales, Lola Tried, Mass Minor, Moody Bank$, my education, Nemegata, Night Glitter, Patricia Vonne, Peelander-Z, Porcelain, Redbud, Sabrina Ellis, Semihelix, Sir Woman, Superfónicos, Thor Harris, Trucha Soul, Twain, Up Around The Sun, Urban Heat, Warren Hood, and Water Damage.

Find the full lineup announcement below:

  • 81355 (Indianapolis IN)
  • 1st Base Runner (Austin TX)
  • 9m88 (Taipei TAIWAN)
  • The Accidentals (Nashville TN)
  • Adrienne Mack-Davis (Rochester NY)
  • Afrotronix (Ndjamena CHAD)
  • Aguava (Chapel Hill NC)
  • AIDA (San Francisco CA)
  • AJ Smith (Nashville TN)
  • Alexandra Whittingham (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Alexia Bomtempo (Brooklyn NY)
  • Al Lover (Los Angeles CA)
  • Amra (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA)
  • Anarbor (Phoenix AZ)
  • Andrew Cashen (Austin TX)
  • Annabelle Chairlegs (Austin TX)
  • Anwan "Big G" Glover (Washington DC)
  • Arya (Milan ITALY)
  • Ashli (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Aubrey Haddard (Queens NY)
  • Austin Unconducted (Austin TX)
  • Ava Maybee (Los Angeles CA)
  • AyseDeniz Gokcin (Los Angeles CA)
  • Baba Kuboye (Dallas TX)
  • The Bad Ends (Athens GA)
  • Bailen (New York NY)
  • Banditos (Nashville TN)
  • Barrie (Ipswich MA)
  • Beks (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • Belén Cuturi (Montevideo URUGUAY)
  • Bial Hclap (Guadalajara MEXICO)
  • Big Mountain County (Rome ITALY)
  • Big Special (Walsall UK-ENGLAND)
  • Big zeeks (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Bitch (Los Angeles CA)
  • Blacklist (New York NY)
  • Blaketheman1000 (New York NY)
  • Blvck Hippie (Memphis TN)
  • Bodywash (Montreal CANADA)
  • BÖNDBREAKR (Austin TX)
  • The Boneshakers (Los Angeles CA)
  • Bonny Doon (Detroit MI)
  • BOYO (Los Angeles CA)
  • Brandt Brauer Frick (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Brass-A-Holics (New Orleans LA)
  • Brekky Boy (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Brendan Abernathy (Atlanta GA)
  • The Bright Light Social Hour (Austin TX)
  • Brigitte Calls Me Baby (Chicago IL)
  • Brixx (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
  • Broken Gold (Austin TX)
  • Buenos Diaz (Austin TX)
  • Caballo Prieto Azabache (Madrid SPAIN)
  • Calder Allen (Austin TX)
  • Call Me Spinster (Chattanooga TN)
  • Caramelo Haze (Austin TX)
  • Caravanchela (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
  • Casey Neill & The Norway Rats (Portland OR)
  • Catherine Moan (Philadelphia PA)
  • Causeway (Boise ID)
  • Cecilia and The Broken Hearts (Austin TX)
  • Charlotte Rose Benjamin (Brooklyn NY)
  • ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Kawasaki JAPAN)
  • Chris "Rapper Dude" Black (Washington DC)
  • Clarence Ward III & Dat Feel Good (Baltimore MD)
  • Club Intl. (New York NY)
  • Coco & Clair Clair (Atlanta GA)
  • Colin Houlihan's Utopia Quartet (Austin TX)
  • Como Las Movies (Austin TX)
  • Cotton Mather (Austin TX)
  • Couch Prints (New York NY)
  • Crank Caviar (Washington DC)
  • Curse Mackey (Austin TX)
  • Dale Watson (Austin TX)
  • Daniel Brandt (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Daniel Fears (Austin TX)
  • David Wax Museum (Charlottesville VA)
  • Dawn Avenue (Mexico City MEXICO)
  • The Dead Coats (Austin TX)
  • Dea Matrona (Belfast IRELAND)
  • Debby Friday (Toronto CANADA)
  • The Debtors (Lafayette LA)
  • Deca (New York NY)
  • DEETRANADA (Baltimore MD)
  • Dende (Houston TX)
  • Desire (Palm Springs CA)
  • The Deslondes (New Orleans LA)
  • Devon Thompson (Los Angeles CA)
  • Diana Burco (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
  • Dippers (Naarm AUSTRALIA)
  • DJ Ace (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • DJ_Dave (New York NY)
  • dj poolboi (Austin TX)
  • Dr. Pushkin (Bolgatanga GHANA)
  • Drama Club (Brooklyn NY)
  • Dresage (Los Angeles CA)
  • Dumbo Gets Mad (Reggio Emilia ITALY)
  • Dutch Criminal Record (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
  • Eichlers (Oakland CA)
  • EKKSTACY (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Elephant Gym (Kaohsiung TAIWAN)
  • El Gran Poder De Diosa (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
  • El Hula featuring Blair Jollands and Rose Spearman (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • El Laberinto del Coco (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
  • Emily Nenni (Nashville TN)
  • Emma Worley (Toronto CANADA)
  • Enzo Baruffaldi (Bologna ITALY)
  • Esther Abrami (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Fabio Rojas (Queens NY)
  • Felix Fast4ward (Englewood CO)
  • Fionn (White Rock CANADA)
  • Flamingosis (New York NY)
  • Frankie Rose (Brooklyn NY)
  • Frank "Scooby" Sirius (Washington DC)
  • Friko (Chicago IL)
  • frogi (Los Angeles CA)
  • Fuck Money (Austin TX)
  • Fuse (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
  • GeeXella (Jacksonville FL)
  • Gen and the Degenerates (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
  • Georgia Harmer (Toronto CANADA)
  • Geto Gala featuring Jake Lloyd & Deezie Brown (Austin TX)
  • Go_A (Kyiv UKRAINE)
  • Goodnight, Texas (San Francisco CA)
  • GOON (Los Angeles CA)
  • Guido Spannocchi (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Haley Blais (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Half Dream (Austin TX)
  • Hansom Éli (Montreal CANADA)
  • Hans Pucket (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
  • Heavy Salad (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Hello Mary (Brooklyn NY)
  • Holiday Sidewinder (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Homeboy Sandman (Queens NY)
  • Honeyglaze (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Hope D (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • Humour (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
  • Husbands (Oklahoma City OK)
  • ill peach (Los Angeles CA)
  • Immersion (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
  • Irene Diaz (Los Angeles CA)
  • Isabella Lovestory (Tegucigalpa HONDURAS)
  • Jack Barksdale (Fort Worth TX)
  • Jackie Mendoza (San Diego CA)
  • Jaime Wyatt (Nashville TN)
  • Jake Blount (Providence RI)
  • James Vickery (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Jamz Supernova (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Jane Leo (Austin TX)
  • JaRon Marshall (Austin TX)
  • Jason D. Williams (Memphis TN)
  • Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)
  • Jesse Jo Stark (Los Angeles CA)
  • J Güero (Santiago CHILE)
  • Jhoniván y su Cumbia Loop (Monterrey MEXICO)
  • J-Live (New York NY)
  • J. Navarro & The Traitors (Detroit MI)
  • Jonathan Suazo (Quincy MA)
  • Jon Muq (Austin TX)
  • JOON (Dingli MALTA)
  • Joshua Hedley (Nashville TN)
  • J. Serrato (Austin TX)
  • J Soulja (Austin TX)
  • Juani Mustard (Rancagua CHILE)
  • Julianna Riolino (St. Catharines CANADA)
  • Kaia Kater (Montreal CANADA)
  • Kami Lyle (Cape Cod MA)
  • Karen Jonas (Fredericksburg VA)
  • Karen Y Los Remedios (Guanajuato MEXICO)
  • Kash'd Out (Orlando FL)
  • K-efe (Santiago CHILE)
  • Kelley Mickwee (Austin TX)
  • Kibi James (Atlanta GA)
  • Killer Mike (Atlanta GA)
  • Konrad Wert/Possessed by Paul James (Kerrville TX)
  • Kristeen Young (New York NY)
  • La Marimba (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
  • Lara Price (Austin TX)
  • Larry Seaman (Austin TX)
  • La Sécurité (Montreal CANADA)
  • Laura Pérez (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
  • Le Fou (San Francisco CA)
  • Lesibu Grand (Atlanta GA)
  • Letón Pé (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
  • Lifeguard (Chicago IL)
  • Lil Texxan (Dallas TX)
  • Lisa Morales (Austin TX)
  • Lizzie & The Makers (Brooklyn NY)
  • Locate S,1 (Athens GA)
  • LOKRE (Toronto CANADA)
  • Lola Tried (Austin TX)
  • Lonesome Dave Fisher (Baltimore MD)
  • Loose Articles (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Lorena Blume (Lima PERU)
  • lovetempo (Brooklyn NY)
  • LÜCY (Taipei TAIWAN)
  • Maiya The Don (Brooklyn NY)
  • Majozi (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)
  • Manny Walters (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)
  • Mass Minor (Austin TX)
  • Mauskovic Dance Band (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
  • McKinley Dixon (Chicago IL)
  • M Field (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Michigander (Nashville TN)
  • Militarie Gun (Los Angeles CA)
  • The Minks (Nashville TN)
  • Miss Grit (New York NY)
  • Model/Actriz (New York NY)
  • Monophonicos (Barranquilla COLOMBIA)
  • Moody Bank$ (Austin TX)
  • Moon Kissed (New York NY)
  • Moses Rockwell (Rochester NY)
  • Motherhood (Fredericton CANADA)
  • MOTHERMARY (Los Angeles CA)
  • Muck and the Mires (Boston MA)
  • my education (Austin TX)
  • Nanocluster [Immersion + Thor Harris] (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
  • Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas (Lafayette LA)
  • Nat Vazer (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • NEEVE (Heilbronn GERMANY)
  • Nemegata (Austin TX)
  • New Order (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Neysa Blay (Cabo Rojo PUERTO RICO)
  • Night Glitter (Austin TX)
  • Nitefire (Los Angeles CA)
  • NOISY (Worthing UK-ENGLAND)
  • November Rose (Atlanta GA)
  • Ojerime (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • OKAN (Toronto CANADA)
  • O Tortuga (Mexico City MEXICO)
  • Patriarchy (Los Angeles CA)
  • Patricia Vonne (Austin TX)
  • Peelander-Z (Austin TX)
  • Peel Dream Magazine (Los Angeles CA)
  • Peter One (Nashville TN)
  • PINES (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
  • Piquete (Santurce PUERTO RICO)
  • PJ Sin Suela (Ponce PUERTO RICO)
  • Porcelain (Austin TX)
  • Primer (Los Angeles CA)
  • Protomartyr (Detroit MI)
  • Rainbow Chan (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Rakky Ripper (Granada SPAIN)
  • Ramona (Tijuana MEXICO)
  • Ramon Chicharron (Montreal CANADA)
  • RANJ x Clifr (Bangalore INDIA)
  • Ratboys (Chicago IL)
  • Redbud (Austin TX)
  • Rich Aucoin (Halifax CANADA)
  • Rikas (Stuttgart GERMANY)
  • River Boy (Fitzroy North AUSTRALIA)
  • Robert Ellis (Houston TX)
  • Rodeo Boys (Lansing MI)
  • Roosevelt [DJ Set] (Cologne GERMANY)
  • R Tyler (San Francisco CA)
  • Ryan Cassata (Los Angeles CA)
  • Sabrina Ellis (Austin TX)
  • Sabrina Song (Brooklyn NY)
  • Sans Soucis (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Sara Curruchich (San Juan Comalapa GUATEMALA)
  • Satya (Oakland CA)
  • Savannah Ré (Toronto CANADA)
  • Scout Gillett (Kansas City MO)
  • Sea Moya (Cologne GERMANY)
  • Seán Barna (Philadelphia PA)
  • Semihelix (Austin TX)
  • Sevyn (Los Angeles CA)
  • The Sewing Club (Nashville TN)
  • Shaina Hayes (Montreal CANADA)
  • Shaylee (Portland OR)
  • Shelly Fairchild (Nashville TN)
  • Shoeb Ahmad (Canberra AUSTRALIA)
  • Shred Flintstone (Jersey City NJ)
  • Side Effect (Yangon MYANMAR)
  • SIPHO (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
  • Sir Woman (Austin TX)
  • Softee (Brooklyn NY)
  • Sophia Sanborn (San Francisco CA)
  • Soran (Montreal CANADA)
  • space (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
  • Sports Team (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Steve'n'Seagulls (Jyväskylä FINLAND)
  • Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys (Lafayette LA)
  • Strange Ranger (New York NY)
  • Summer Dean (Fort Worth TX)
  • Sunny War (Nashville TN)
  • Superfónicos (Austin TX)
  • Tangerine Dream (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Tangowhiskyman (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
  • Teenage Joans (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
  • Teethe (Dallas TX)
  • THEBROSFRESH (Baton Rouge LA)
  • Thee Sacred Souls (San Diego CA)
  • Then Comes Silence (Stockholm SWEDEN)
  • They Are Gutting A Body Of Water (Philadelphia PA)
  • Thor Harris (Austin TX)
  • THUS LOVE (Brattleboro VT)
  • TiaCorine (Winston-Salem NC)
  • Totalement Sublime (Montreal CANADA)
  • Town Mountain (Asheville NC)
  • Tropa Mágica (Los Angeles CA)
  • Trucha Soul (Austin TX)
  • True Body (Richmond VA)
  • Tuyo (São Paulo BRAZIL)
  • Twain (Austin TX)
  • Tylor & the Train Robbers (Boise ID)
  • unÁnima (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
  • Up Around The Sun (Austin TX)
  • Upstrz (Minneapolis MN)
  • Urban Heat (Austin TX)
  • Venbee (Chatham UK-ENGLAND)
  • Veronica Fusaro (Thun SWITZERLAND)
  • The Virginia Valley (Medellín COLOMBIA)
  • Virginie B (Montreal CANADA)
  • Vision Video (Athens GA)
  • VivaOla (Setagaya JAPAN)
  • Warren Hood (Austin TX)
  • Water Damage (Austin TX)
  • Weensey (Washington DC)
  • Wez Atlas (Oita JAPAN)
  • Yaw Appiah (Los Angeles CA)
  • Yung D3mz (Tema GHANA)

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Killer Mike, Protomartyr, Isabella Lovestory, New Order, SXSW 2023

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