The Lemon Twigs, Obongjayar, the Zombies, and Ambré Added in SXSW 2023’s Second Lineup Drop

With a whopping 301 musical artists

The Lemon Twigs at ACL 2017 (Photo by John Anderson)

As the festival looms just three months away, March 13-18, SXSW Music unveils another triple-digit artist lineup. (Revisit the first one here.)

The genre-spanning announcement includes glam rock Long Island brother duo the Lemon Twigs, smooth and lounge-y Taipei indie rock trio Deca Joins, as well as London-based Nigerian artist Obongjayar, riding the inquisitive Afrobeat integration of 2022 album Some Nights I Dream Of Doors. Roc Nation signee Ambré broke out of New Orleans with a 2015 Kehlani-assisted rendition of Drake’s “Preach.”

Representing on the guitar front, we have New York fundamentalists Sunflower Bean reprising a 2022 appearance, grunge-and-folk-leaning indie act Palehound, and Hotel Vegas perennials OSEES (formerly Thee Oh Sees). British Sixties rock standards the Zombies, known for charming hits like “Time of the Season” and “She’s Not There,” resume frequent Austin visits after a pandemic break – tracking back to a 2019 Mohawk show, Austin Psych Fest 2014, and a 2013 SXSW debut. There’s also the brute force of Aussie underground troupe CIVIC.

Also on the eclectic singer-songwriter front: Try bedroom funk specialist JayWood, modern Americana interpreter Esther Rose, or the haunting Louisiana folk of Renée Reed, supported by local label Keeled Scales.

Other additions include the return of Ukrainian pop band Kazka, whose singer Oleksandra Zaritska journeyed to the fest solo last year, closely following the Russian invasion, to lead a quickly-planned "Austin Stands with Ukraine" showcase. 2023 forecasts a re-do for two Ukrainian acts forced to cancel plans last year: moody dance trio SpivOberta and singer-songwriter Igor Grohotsky.

Alongside recently locally-welcomed Luna Luna and Los Angeles-exited Pearl Earl, Austin also claims Andrea Magee, Big Wy's Brass Band, Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, Caleb De Casper, DAIISTAR, Del Castillo, El Combo Oscuro, Font, Good Looks, Graham Reynolds & the Golden Arm Trio, JM Stevens, Johnny Chops, Kalu & the Electric Joint, Marshall Hood, Otis Wilkins, Pink Nasty Meets El Cento, Pleasure Venom, Primo the Alien, Rett Smith, Rod Gatort, Schatzi, Shooks, S.L. Houser, the Tender Things, Thor & Friends, the Tiarras, Trouble in The Streets, and West Texas Exiles.

Find the full first artist list below.

  • 7ebra (Malmö SWEDEN)
  • Abracadabra (Oakland CA)
  • Adwaith (Carmarthen UK-WALES)
  • Air Waves (Brooklyn NY)
  • Ambré (New Orleans LA)
  • Anastasia Coope (Cold Spring NY)
  • Andrea Magee (Austin TX)
  • Andrew Farriss (Barraba AUSTRALIA)
  • Annie Blackman (Brooklyn NY)
  • Annie Hamilton (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Aoife Nessa Frances (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Ask Carol (Auma NORWAY)
  • ÄTNA (Dresden GERMANY)
  • Augustine (Stockholm SWEDEN)
  • Ava Vegas (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Aysanabee (Toronto CANADA)
  • Balaklava Blues (Toronto CANADA)
  • Begonia (Winnipeg CANADA)
  • Bellah (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Bella White (Calgary CANADA)
  • Bells Larsen (Montreal CANADA)
  • be your own PET (Nashville TN)
  • Big Cream (Bologna ITALY)
  • Big Wy's Brass Band (Austin TX)
  • Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad (Austin TX)
  • Blxckie (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
  • Bona Fide (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Boy Golden (Winnipeg CANADA)
  • Brad stank (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
  • Brittany Davis (Maple Valley WA)
  • Caleb De Casper (Austin TX)
  • Camilla George (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Candeleros (Madrid SPAIN)
  • The Carolyn (Atlanta GA)
  • Carver Commodore (Florence AL)
  • Casey Lowry (Chesterfield UK-ENGLAND)
  • Catbite (Philadelphia PA)
  • Cheekface (Los Angeles CA)
  • Chickasaw Mudd Puppies (Athens GA)
  • Child Seat (Los Angeles CA)
  • Christopher Brown (Mamaroneck NY)
  • Cimarron615 (Nashville TN)
  • CIVIC (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • Cloudland Canyon (Memphis TN)
  • The Color Brown (Carolina PUERTO RICO)
  • Constant Smiles (Ridgewood NY)
  • Corook (Nashville TN)
  • The Courettes (Mariager DENMARK)
  • cowboyy (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
  • Coyle Girelli (New York NY)
  • DAIISTAR (Austin TX)
  • Dana Gillespie (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Dan Davidson (Edmonton CANADA)
  • Daniel Villarreal (Chicago IL)
  • Death Valley Girls (Los Angeles CA)
  • deca joins (Taipei TAIWAN)
  • Decent Criminal (Santa Rosa CA)
  • Del Castillo (Austin TX)
  • Dhruv Sangari and The National Sufi Ensemble (Washington DC)
  • Diatom Deli (Taos NM)
  • Disco Doom (Zurich SWITZERLAND)
  • Dream Wife (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • El Combo Oscuro (Austin TX)
  • Elephant Sessions (Inverness UK-SCOTLAND)
  • English Teacher (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
  • Enjoyable Listens (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
  • Enumclaw (Tacoma WA)
  • Estereomance (El Paso TX)
  • Esther Rose (New Orleans LA)
  • Evan Bartels (Tobias NE)
  • Fake Fruit (Oakland CA)
  • Fergus McCreadie (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
  • Floodlights (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • Foley (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
  • Font (Austin TX)
  • Fonteyn (Salt Lake City UT)
  • The Foreign Resort (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Fotocrime (Louisville KY)
  • Fraud Perry (Montreal CANADA)
  • Frost Children (New York NY)
  • Future Crib (Nashville TN)
  • Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country (San Antonio TX)
  • The Garrys (Saskatoon CANADA)
  • Gay Meat (Wilmington NC)
  • Georgia Lines (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
  • Geskle (Worcester MA)
  • Girl Scout (Stockholm SWEDEN)
  • Gold Fang (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Good Looks (Austin TX)
  • GracieHorse (Los Angeles CA)
  • Graham Reynolds (Austin TX)
  • Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
  • Gus Englehorn (Montreal CANADA)
  • Hamish Hawk (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
  • THE HARA (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Heartworms (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Hembree (Kansas City KS)
  • HIEN (Budapest HUNGARY)
  • Holly Montgomery (Falls Church VA)
  • Housekeys (Fort Worth TX)
  • Huntly (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • The Hypochondriacs (Fredericton CANADA)
  • Igor Grohotsky (Kyiv UKRAINE)
  • Iona Zajac (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
  • IOTA PHI (Athens GREECE)
  • Ishmael Ensemble (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
  • IST IST (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Jake Whiskin (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
  • JayWood (Winnipeg CANADA)
  • Jaz Karis (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • JER (Gainesville FL)
  • Jessica Winter (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • JM Stevens (Austin TX)
  • Johnny Chops (Austin TX)
  • Júlia Colom (Valldemossa SPAIN)
  • July Talk (Toronto CANADA)
  • Junk Drawer (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
  • Kadeem Tyrell (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Kalpee (Lange Park TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
  • Kalu & The Electric Joint (Austin TX)
  • Kate Davis (Frederick MD)
  • Katie Toupin (Lexington KY)
  • Katy Rea (Brooklyn NY)
  • Kid Bookie (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Kill Lincoln (Washington DC)
  • Kindsight (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • KOKO (Pesaro ITALY)
  • Koleżanka (Brooklyn NY)
  • La Paloma (Madrid SPAIN)
  • Larkins (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Laszlo and the Hidden Strength (New York, NY)
  • Lauren Ann (Newry UK-N. IRELAND)
  • Laveda (Albany NY)
  • The Lemon Twigs (Long Island NY)
  • Lime Garden (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
  • LÓN (Reykjavík ICELAND)
  • Lontalius (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
  • Lorelei K (Dallas TX)
  • Low Island (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
  • Luna Luna (Dallas TX)
  • Maestro Espada (Murcia SPAIN)
  • Mandy, Indiana (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Manwolves (Chicago IL)
  • Marcus Joseph (Leicester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Mariel Buckley (Calgary CANADA)
  • Marshall Hood (Austin TX)
  • Mary Scholz (Los Angeles CA)
  • Mauvey (Vancouver CANADA)
  • MEERNAA (Oakland CA)
  • Mexico City Heartbreak (Los Angeles CA)
  • Micah Edwards (Houston TX)
  • Miranda and the Beat (Brooklyn NY)
  • Mnelia (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Moon Panda (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Moriah Bailey (Oklahoma City OK)
  • Mustangs Of The West (Los Angeles CA)
  • Mya Byrne (Oakland CA)
  • Natalie Shay (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Nathan Graham (Chicago IL)
  • Night Tapes (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Noah And The Loners (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Normal Echo (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Obongjayar (Calabar NIGERIA)
  • Oracle Sisters (Paris FRANCE)
  • OSEES (Los Angeles CA)
  • otay:onii (Haining CHINA)
  • Otis Wilkins (Austin TX)
  • Painted Shield (Seattle WA)
  • Palehound (Brooklyn NY)
  • Paraísos (Barranquilla COLOMBIA)
  • Party Dozen (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Patrick Holland (Montreal CANADA)
  • Peach Luffe (Toronto CANADA)
  • Pearl & the Oysters (Los Angeles CA)
  • Pearl Earl (Los Angeles CA)
  • PENDANT (Los Angeles CA)
  • Personal Trainer (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
  • Philine Sonny (Bochum GERMANY)
  • Pink Nasty Meets El Cento (Austin TX)
  • The Pink Stones (Athens GA)
  • Plastic Picnic (Brooklyn NY)
  • The Pleasure Majenta (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Pleasure Venom (Austin TX)
  • Poison Ruin (Philadelphia PA)
  • Pol (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
  • Poppy Jean Crawford (Los Angeles CA)
  • popsiclestickairport (Gilbert AZ)
  • Prim (Modena ITALY)
  • Prima Queen (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Primo the Alien (Austin TX)
  • Public Body (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
  • Puppy Angst (Philadelphia PA)
  • Queen Millz (Leicester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Rae Fitzgerald (Columbia MO)
  • Redolent (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
  • Reilly Downes (Bandera TX)
  • Renée Reed (Lafayette LA)
  • Rett Smith (Austin TX)
  • Revenge Wife (Manchester NH)
  • Rhinestone Pickup Truck (Asheville NC)
  • Rinse & Repeat (Los Angeles CA)
  • Roanoke (Nashville TN)
  • Rob Cannillo (Florida NY)
  • Rock Eupora (Nashvlle TN)
  • Rod Gatort (Austin TX)
  • Rogê (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
  • Roots From The Clay (Katy TX)
  • Rose's Pawn Shop (Los Angeles CA)
  • Rosier (Montreal CANADA)
  • Ryan Pollie (Los Angeles CA)
  • sadie (Brooklyn NY)
  • SAFER (Brooklyn NY)
  • Salarymen (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Schatzi (Austin TX)
  • The Scratch (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Shae Universe (Watford UK-ENGLAND)
  • Shanghai Baby (Madrid SPAIN)
  • Shooks (Austin TX)
  • Shutups (Oakland CA)
  • Skye Wallace (Toronto CANADA)
  • S.L. Houser (Austin TX)
  • Snooper (Nashville TN)
  • Snotty Nose Rez Kids (Kitimat CANADA)
  • Sobs (Singapore SINGAPORE)
  • Solar Eyes (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
  • Sorcha Richardson (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Sorry Mom (New York NY)
  • South For Winter (Nashville TN)
  • SpivOberta (Dobropillia UKRAINE)
  • Spllit (Baton Rouge LA)
  • S. Raekwon (New York NY)
  • Stacey Ryan (Vaudreuil-Dorion CANADA)
  • Stoneburner (Baltimore MD)
  • Strawberry Guy (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
  • Sunday Cruise (Chicago IL)
  • Sunflower Bean (New York NY)
  • Super Plage (Montréal CANADA)
  • Sweeping Promises (Lawrence KS)
  • Sword II (Atlanta GA)
  • Talia Goddess (Brooklyn NY)
  • Tami Neilson (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
  • Tayls (Nashville TN)
  • The Tender Things (Austin TX)
  • Thala (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Theodore (Athens GREECE)
  • THICK (Brooklyn NY)
  • Thin Lear (Waldwick NJ)
  • Thor & Friends (Austin TX)
  • The Tiarras (Austin TX)
  • TITA (Guatemala City GUATEMALA)
  • Tokio Myers (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Tribe Friday (Örebro SWEDEN)
  • Trouble in The Streets (Austin TX)
  • Truth Club (Raleigh NC)
  • T. Thomason (Halifax CANADA)
  • Tufan Derince (Diyarbakir TURKEY)
  • Tulliah (Mornington Peninsula AUSTRALIA)
  • TVOD (Brooklyn NY)
  • Ulysses Wells (Isle Of Wight UK-ENGLAND)
  • UNI and The Urchins (New York NY)
  • Vanille (Montreal CANADA)
  • Venus Twins (Brooklyn NY)
  • Viper Club (Phoenix AZ)
  • Voka Gentle (Stroud UK-ENGLAND)
  • VooCha (Melissa E. Logan / Chicks on Speed) w/ Gaisma & Yohanna Logan (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Warmduscher (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • The Waymores (Atlanta GA)
  • We Are The Union (Los Angeles CA)
  • The Wends (Turin ITALY)
  • West Texas Exiles (Austin TX)
  • Winona Forever (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Woodes (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • The XCERTS (Aberdeen UK-SCOTLAND)
  • XENZU (Beijing CHINA)
  • Yacko & Tuan Tigabelas (Jakarta Selatan INDONESIA)
  • You Said Strange (Giverny FRANCE)
  • Youth Sector (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
  • YU-KA (Tokyo JAPAN)
  • The Zombies (St. Albans UK-ENGLAND)
  • zzzahara (Los Angeles CA)

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