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Watch This: Big Bill Urges Us to “Forget About Monday”

By Kevin Curtin, February 18, 2022, 10:10am, Earache!

With a new video that thrives on stark cinematography, colorful costuming, and a weird amount of direct eye contact, Austin’s eclectic punk outfit Big Bill warns us not to worry about the future… particularly Monday.

“I think about Monday as this looming thing in most of our lives, like ‘Oh, I have to back to that place where I earn my money or back to school’ if you’re a young person,” reasons frontperson Eric Braden. “This song is just saying ‘Forget that.’ There’s a part that reminds me of that Beatles song where Paul McCartney says ‘It’s getting better all the time’ and John Lennon says ‘It can’t get no worse.’ In our song, I say ‘Forget about Monday’ and Cody [Braden] responds, ‘It might not even come anyway.’ That’s what it’s about: Monday is standing in for all future things in the sense that they’re not guaranteed.”

The video brings together a murderer’s row of arty Austin all-stars including director John Valley, visualist JXNART doing makeup, and the Lenz siblings from Lord Friday the 13th providing wardrobe. According to Braden, it was as fun to shoot as it is to watch, with the filming of “Forget About Monday” being the first in-person creative project the band worked on together following life’s pandemic shutdown.

The track precedes the band’s second full-length release, an album titled Public Freakout Compilation that’s due out this summer on Spaceflight Records. Braden says the name derives from former Big Bill guitarist Cody's favorite genre of YouTube videos, but it also represents the band’s stage personas.

“I think when we perform, we’re publicly freaking out,” he says. “I don’t publicly freak out on the street, but I do it on the stage. I think there is something valuable about seeing someone freaking out because they’re so vulnerable in that state and it’s so real when someone is freaking out. You’re seeing the part of them that they don’t want to show to anyone, but they are, in that moment, and they can’t help it. I always get something out of performing punk music, even though punk music isn’t always my vibe of what I want to listen to – but performing it feels like therapy. You’re doing the thing you don’t really want people to see… losing your shit.

Watch “Forget About Monday” right here:

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