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Watch This: There’s a New Band Called Fuck Money and it’s Intense

By Kevin Curtin, October 22, 2021, 11:20am, Earache!

Serene and explosive – two qualities in opposition, but that’s the way Fuck Money’s debut track “Demure” hits. A high, harmonic drone invokes a feeling of weightlessness, contrasted by a boulder-tumbling drum beat and supremely distorted staccato vocals unleashing a fury of societal grievances.

This noisy, experimental, raw, punk offering stands as the first taste of Fuck Money, a new Austin-based project featuring BLXPLTN’s TaSzlin Muerte on the mic, Alton_USA (Alton Jenkins) going nuts on drums, Bill Kenny playing guitar, and Jeremy Humphries on bass – the latter three all being members of Future Death. The group appears onstage for the first time this Saturday at Hotel Vegas alongside Band of Bastards and Liferaft.

“This is a piece of art we’ve created more than it is a record or a song,” Muerte says of “Demure.” “This is something to be hung on a wall and viewed from different angles. That you can go back and observe. Not something that you digest quickly and forget about. There are lots of messages in there, but you have to find them for yourself. Maybe you won’t find anything at all. Maybe the fury of the sound alone is what speaks to you. It’s different for everyone.”

On level with the unique rhythmic aggression of the track, “Demure” arrives with a head-spinning computer-generated visual experience from UK Artist Sam Wiehl. Check it out:

And, in case you can’t make the lyrics, here’s a transcription:

Thrown into the fire right from the start
Pictures of your face, drones
Hit them with darts

Dive for the gold
You swimming with sharks
Hit them with a ticket or give’m a charge
Put them in a prison or make them a guard

Make them all stand or take them apart
Take their right hand and stake it
Right to their heart

Take all the news and make it a lie
Kill’em all blues
Sing’em or die

Make’m all bruise
Right in the eyes
Let a small few scrape for the pi

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